Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dengue , Is There Any Medicine in Homeopathy ?

Dengue is also know as Denggi or Break Bone Fever.Dengue is a Spanish word maning prudery and this is so namee because of the stiffness of the patients's neck and shoulders, typical of a person with ego and a stickler of manners. It is a tropical disease and is caused by a virus transmitted by mosquito especially Ades Aegypti.
The disease is characterised by severe fever, severe pain in the bones and muscles. There is a feeling as if the bones are broken and hence the name. Tsymptoms of the disease resemble those of influenza as regards the fever, headache, muscle and bones pains, articular rheumatism, etc making diagnosis difficult. The onset is sudden. If not trated at earlier stage the infected patient may die.

Homeopathic Remedies for Dengue

* Eupotorium Perfoliatum : the first choice if there is fever with great soreness, bones pains and aching all over the body with headache.

* Baptisia : Dr J.T Kent of USA recommended Baptisia to be given as soon as the patients bodily discomfort, fever with headache etc to abort the disease and control the virulence of the attack.

* Bryonia: Dr E.B. Nash in his 'Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutic' suggest Bryonia Alba when the rheumatic pains are prominent with joint pains, swollen and hot.Fveer with headache, pain worse on least motion, bones stiff and painful.

Next other remedies recommended Gelsemium, Arnica, Aconite, belladonna.

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