Thursday, September 18, 2008

Problem of Vagina

Female genital Problems, Loss of Sexuall Desire, Itching in Vagina etc

Masalah Kesihatan Organ Wanita - Lemah tenaga sek, Dingin Seks, dan sebagainya.

*Genital Dry itching surrounding libia minora and labia majora , itching is terrible and the patients continues to scratch untill parts bleeds. - Sulphur.
* Pruritus with passing of wind throught vagina ( kentut dari faraj) sexual exacitement and hysteria with desire to cry. Pain in the uterus, contraction, induration with chooking sensation.- Tarentula H
* Itching in vulvae with burning, swelling and thickening of labia - Urtica Uren
* Loss of sexuall desire in ladies, cool - Platinum
* Pain during sexual intercourse with dryness of vagina - Natrum Mur.
* Pain with almost constant desire for sex - Hydratis.
* Asthma or any other disease on attempting coition
* Vagina easily watery and too much water during intercourse - Silicea.

Masalah sexual wanita boleh diselesaikan melalui rawatan homeopati

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