Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goiter / Tyroid

Gondol / Tirod

Homeopathic medication - Iodium and Tyrodinum head the remedy for goitre or tyroid an is indicated in spare, dark and active patients. It should be given in high potency. Marked hardness with sensation of constriction. Hypertrophy of two lobes, tumor becoming more swollen and painful at each return of menses. Grandular increase in size especially right side, soft and without any fluctuation. non lobulated tumor in interior and median portion of the size as large as a child' head, rosy, red, heavy in weight and soft is cured by this remedy. Goitre with soft and rapid pulse. The iodium patients are depressed, low spirited and suicidal.

Homeopathic Remedies Without Surgery:
Calc Carb., Nat Mur., Bromium., Lapis Albus., Lachesis, Lycopus., Adrenalin, Spongia

Gondol boleh dirawat secara homeopati. Ubat-ubat homeopati pilihan adalah seperti diatas.

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