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Frederick Hahnemann
Son of Samuel Hahnemann
1786 - ?

Excerpted from: Encyclopedia Homeopathica software
Reference: American Homeopath 1995
Written by David Little
Editorial: G. Bedayn

The story of Frederick Hahnemann, son of Samuel Hahnemann, is one of mystery, madness, and genius.

Frederick Hahnemann was born in Dresden, Germany on November 30, 1786. He was always an anxiety to his parents due to his poor health. As a child he suffered from a rickets-like disease that left him high-chested and with a curvature of the spine.
In 1799, the hostility of the apothecaries and physicians drove Hahnemann from Konigslutter. On the road, the Hahnemann family met with a terrible accident in which their large carriage overturned and the entire family was injured. One of the girls' legs was broken. Frederick's spine was possibly broken (Hering's account 1) and his younger baby brother died from his injuries.
It seems the combination of Frederick's congenital weakness and possible spinal injury left him a hunchback. Although his frame was weak, he had a brilliant mind and mastered many languages and sciences.

He passed his degree in medicine in 1810 at the age of 24 and began the practice of the homeopathic healing arts. In the following year, he was chosen by his father to answer the bitter criticism by Hecker of the first edition of the Organon.
As time went on, Frederick became more and more eccentric in his appearance and behavior. He did not cut his hair nor beard, always wore Oriental clothes, did not mix with society, and often withdrew into his own world.
From 1818 onward, his letters began to show traces of temporary mental disturbance, causing his father to cry in 1819, "My poor son is certainly insane!"
[Editors Note: In his text on homeopathic history, 2 Julian Winston gives the following account by Dudgeon, describing the growing rift between father and son.
"He contracted a matrimonial alliance with a widow...but according to what I have heard, was not well qualified to make his married life happy. This marriage gave great offense to his father, and led to an estrangement between them which was never removed."]

Frederick eventually moved to a small town called Wolkenstein in the Erzgebrige where he bought the chemist's shop. In no time he had such a large following that patients sometimes had to wait for days for their turn.
The mad genius was loved by his patients and despised by his critics. Humphreys gave the following account of Frederick:
"The son began to thrive, had a good run of customers from the better classes. The market-place, in front of his apothecary-shop, was regularly lined with carriages.
"He cured a girl who had been blind from birth. He asked the girl to look straight into the sun until she could see. She saw the sun and later the father."
This incredible story of the homeopathic cure of a girl blind from birth with the blinding rays of the sun is most amazing! Frederick seems to have had powerful healing abilities and must have known of his father's teachings on hydrotherapy, magnetism, mesmerism, etc.
He investigated the psychology of homeopathic remedies and performed heroic provings on the insane so that he could understand the treatment of madness. It is assumed that he also used this information to treat those suffering from psychological disorders. His own unique existence as an eccentric genius gave him insights into the disturbed state of those with mental illness.

Hartman gives the following description of the son of Samuel Hahnemann:
"His great intellect, which even his opponents had to acknowledge, he tried to surround with an even larger halo, by favoring a certain kind of charlatanism, which he wrapped round with a mantel of student-boasting, and by means of which he gained an even greater number of followers."
Frederick visited the village of Zschopau and its vicinity once or twice a week where he was besieged with patients. He would be seen racing down the mountain road in an open four-horse carriage, standing erect, with the reins in the hands of his small crooked body, dressed in his old Oriental coat with his long unkempt hair and beard blowing in the wind.
The people of the countryside loved their mad genius and stood by him no matter how he acted or what he said. As Humphreys said, "The multitude hurrahed and hosannahed. I know this from an eye witness."

We have another account of Frederick Hahnemann from Bradford's Pioneers of Homeopathy. In it, Humphreys describes the case of a little nine-year-old girl who had been treated by conventional physicians for some two years for dropsy:
"Upon an examination of her case Hahnemann decided that this dropsy was only symptomatic, and that the real affection was a disease of the heart; and that the former would disappear upon the cure of the latter."
"The application of his first powder entirely relieved her of a pain in her left side which had existed from before the appearance of the dropsy, and which all the medicines she had taken utterly failed to reach."
"He gave her very particular directions in reference to her diet, habits, etc. She was to have her own plate, spoon and knife, and on no account was she to use any other. She was not to sit or sleep with an aged person."
"Her diet was rigidly prescribed in quantity and quality; she was to smell of no flowers, or perfumes, and neither camphor nor acids were to be used about her, and if anyone smoking or chewing tobacco came into the room he was instantly to be expelled."

"The treatment appeared successful, as the child seemed to become healthier, but the swelling persisted. The child's mother was very anxious to see the 'bloat go down,' and to her continued entreaties Hahnemann only answered, 'It will do no good.'"
"Finally he yielded to her solicitations, all the while protesting that no benefit would result. He gave a powder, and the old lady declares that while she yet looked the swollen edematous skin became corrugated and in a little time every vestige of it had disappeared."
"At the next visit the child was worse. He began earnestly to question the mother in a passionate manner if the minute details of all his directions had been severally complied with."
"The old lady, irritated by his manner beyond endurance, pettishly replied that she thought it was high time that something more was done besides attending to his whims."
"At the mention of this last word the doctor broke into a passion of ungovernable rage. His fury knew no bounds." "'Whim, whim!' he yelled, 'Hah! Hah! You call my doctrine whim! Hah! Hah! Whim! Whim! I will not doctor her more, hah! hah! She will go to the fools and asses, hah! hah! She will die! Whim! Hah! Hah!' yelled he as he stalked back and forth with the language and manner of a lunatic.

When excited, as was often the case, he had a passion for throwing in this word 'hah! hah!' between his sentences, and with such violence as to resemble more the barking of a small dog than the voice of a human being."
"Finally unable longer to contain himself he seized his hat and rushed from the house into darkness and storm, repeating his 'hah, hah' and 'whim, whim' until the sound was lost in the distance; he made his way to a neighboring house where he hired a person to convey him to the village, some miles distant, that night amid the rain and darkness."
"The mother instituted a suit against him to reclaim her money, and Hahnemann boarded a boat, never to be seen again." 3

When a patient did not follow Frederick's advice, he was always very upset. In this case it is not exactly clear just what the 'old lady' had done or in what way she may have interfered with Dr. Hahnemann's case.
Frederick was worried about giving a new remedy, but at the same time, he did not seem to think the remedy was solely responsible for the sudden decline. Had this woman already begun other treatments? The account is not clear, but it gives a most interesting view of one of Frederick's more controversial cases.
The Allopathic Conspiracy Against Frederick
All of this fame caused great jealousy and hatred of Frederick among the orthodox doctors and pharmacists. They hatched a conspiracy to drive the son of Hahnemann out of town in the same manner they drove his father from Leipzig.
It was only a matter of time before the local apothecaries and the Royal College of Medicine pressed legal charges against Frederick for dispensing medicine, in spite of the fact that he held a legal medical degree in the state and owned a chemist shop (though he charged nothing for his remedies).

He would be seen racing down the mountain road in an open four-horse carriage, standing erect, with the reins in the hands of his small crooked body, dressed in his old Oriental coat with his long unkempt hair and beard blowing in the wind.
Like the legendary Johnny Appleseed, Frederick planted the seeds of homeopathy wherever his driven spirit took him through the countryside. He lived alone as he did not like the company of people, yet he loved to serve humanity.
Frederick's friends wrote Samuel Hahnemann and asked him to defend his son. A support group was formed. It seems that Frederick could have won the court case, as his actions were legal by the letter of the law.

But all of this commotion was too much for Frederick's spirit, which revolted against the right of any authority to judge him. He told his supporters, "Let them go to the Devil!"
He refused to answer the court or have anything to do with the authorities. A fluent stream of colorful words describing the nature of such injustice was quickly followed by the gifting of all his personal property to his wife, his shop to the state, and his sudden disappearance from sight.
He had grown up witnessing the persecutions of his father and he was deeply suspicious of any dealings with the establishment.

An arrest warrant for contempt of court was issued against him. At first he fled to Holland but then he returned to Hamburg. Soon thereafter, Frederick left Germany for England and Scotland, never to return.
Constantine Hering was very interested in getting the books and writings of Frederick Hahnemann so that they could be studied. He asked a colleague who was going to Europe,
"If you can get me the books of Frederick Hahnemann when you go to Edinburgh, I will give a feast. Frederick was very talented, but a hunchback and a freak. Went about in Oriental costume, allowing his beard to grow untrimmed and was always spitting."
Although the relationship between Samuel and Frederick was strained at times, Frederick kept in touch with his father until 1828.
Samuel received a letter from his son in England in 1827, which made him very happy. He loved his eccentric son, who he considered a great healer, and he wished to see him.
The Hofrath wrote, "Lately I have received a letter from my son in England and he says that he will certainly come to see me this year. I look forward to meeting him."
Frederick Leaves for America
The above letter is the last time Samuel heard anything about his son. All traces of Frederick disappeared from Europe as he made his way across the Atlantic Ocean to America.
It is recorded that Frederick Hahnemann appeared in New York in 1828 in the town of Ludlowville.

Richard Haehl, M.D. recorded the following story
"That this physician was a German by birth was evident from his accent. He often told people that he was the son of the founder of homeopathy and that he had left his native country in order to avoid the eternal persecutions constantly turned on him."
"The Ludlowville physician is moreover described as an extremely excitable man, who through his peculiar dress and extraordinary behavior involuntarily aroused the suspicion of being mentally deranged and consequentially many people were afraid of him."
"In spite of that he soon acquired a large practice, as the cures he brought about bordered on the miraculous. Quite suddenly he disappeared again from the district and nobody knew whither he had gone." 4

William Wesselhoeft, M.D. also recorded a story of Frederick Hahnemann's appearance in the Atlantic coast states:

"He [Fredrick Hahnemann] may have been here, in the East. A farmer, somewhere near the Jersey border, described him so accurately that there could scarcely have been left a doubt."
"A small man, a hunchback, little pills, very precise in making his prescriptions, forbidding things that are injurious to homeopathic treatment, saying, 'If you don't do so and so, as I tell you, I will not come near you again.'
Gruffly spoken. It must have been Frederick Hahnemann."

Thus, Frederick fled the persecutions of Europe to be one of the first homeopaths in the United States. It seems he left for the western frontier treating all those who were lucky enough to come his way.
Like the legendary Johnny Appleseed, Frederick planted the seeds of homeopathy wherever his driven spirit took him through the countryside. He lived alone as he did not like the company of people, yet he loved to serve humanity.
Frederick was gruff, excitable, inspired, and proud, and did not want to be bothered with the ordinary things of this world. This did not stop him from serving humanity in the most mysterious of ways.

The Legendary Cholera Doctor of the Old West In the year 1832/33 there was a great cholera epidemic around St. Louis, Missouri that was spreading through the Mississippi valley. It was ravaging the towns and mining camps and many were dying.
During the chaos and death of the epidemic there appeared a mad healer of legendary proportions who led a campaign against the deadly disease.

William Wesselhoeft continues:
"Again, I read somewhere, that while the cholera was raging in the Mississippi valley, a man dressed in a long Turkish garment, such a Frederick was known to wear, came out of a lead-mine, put a few small globules from a small vial on people's tongues, and cured many of the cholera."
"He told those who offered to pay him not to give money but to follow him and help nurse and cure the afflicted. He was reported as being small, with a hump on his back."

"He had a habit of spitting, almost continually, which, on account of his short stature, and by having to raise his face to people when speaking to them, made him a nuisance."

In Bradford's Pioneers, Humphreys confirms this story of Frederick Hahnemann.
"Sometime in 1832-3 when the cholera epidemic was raging in the Midwest, a strange individual came from the lead mines at Galena."
"He was dark-complexioned, a hunchback, and attired in long-flowing robes. He cured several hundred people with medicine he gave them from a small vial."
"It was the last he was seen. His fate is unknown."
When Humphreys described this person to Hering, he was told that it was Hahnemann's long lost son.

Although Frederick was called a misanthrope, he always served the greater good.
Can you imagine this event in your mind? A cholera epidemic is raging, with all the attending deaths, fears and anxieties, when a strange little hunchback eccentric appears with his box of little homeopathic pills. The cures begin and the people are given new hope.
Dr. Hahnemann organized all those who wished to follow him and they distributed remedies and nursed the sick without cost through the epidemic. Frederick was 49 years old at this time, and worked without rest or profit.
Once the epidemic was over, Frederick disappeared in his usual fashion, knowing he had carried out both his earthly and Heavenly Father's work.

From 1828 on, Samuel Hahnemann feared that his only son had gone completely insane or had died a premature death. But he kept his pain to himself.
How happy Samuel would have been if he knew that, while he was fighting cholera in Europe, his son was saving the lives of the communities of the Mississippi valley and the frontier regions of America.

Although Frederick was weak in body and troubled in spirit, he was a master homeopathic healer.
The time and place of his death is not known, as we have no record of him after 1833. Most likely, somewhere in the remote West, the crooked bones of this early homeopathic genius found their final resting place.
Perhaps, the new frontier was the only place a wild spirit like Frederick had enough freedom to be himself and serve humanity as only he could.
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Excerpted from: Encyclopedia Homeopathica software
written by David Little
Reference: American Homeopath 1995
Editor: G. Bedayn

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Situation of Homeopathy in Malaysia

A Brief History of Homeopathy in Malaysia
By Prof Dr Nik Omar
Vice President LHMI Malaysia

Although it is not easy to fix the date of advent of Homeopathy in Malaysia, most homeopathic practitioners here aggress that around 1940 homeopathy was introduced in Malay States by Indian through British Army. The first Malays known to practice homeopathy was Dr Burhanuddin Helmy later came late Dr Mohd Noor Nordin, Dr Dali Muin, Dr Shariff Sukar, Pak Yaakub, Ab Rhaman Hashim and few others.

In 1960’s this group formed first ‘Homeopathic Society of Malaysia’ at Taiping and later Pak Yaakub formed another Homeopathic Bumiputra at Johor Baharu. The members in 1960 – 1980 was about 100 only but most of them are part time practitioners who are practicing at homes.

A Landmark in History of Homeopathy in Malaysia

In 1970 Nik Omar bin Nik Daud and Mr Ahmad Shukry the son of Burhanuddin Helmy are the first two Malays who studied formal homeopathic education oversea at Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital and both of them qualified in 1975. Dr Nik Omar further his homeopathic education at London, U.K. while Dr Ahmad Shukry continued his study up to Master of Business Administration , MBA at Punjab University and continue further his education to Japan and never involved in Homeopathy at all.

In 1977 Dr Nik Omar returned form homeopathic studies in London and started the first modern and well equipped homeopathic clinic right in his hometown of Kota Bharu. Although homeopathy was little known and widely misunderstood at that time, the cures brought about by his expertise in homeopathy won much acclaim for homeopathy.

The Formation of first Homeopathic Academy

In 1979, with 7 students, Dr Nik Omar began teaching, thus laying the foundation of ‘The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia’ FAHOM [Now 2008 Faculty has produced more than 2,000 homeopaths all over the world] the faculty started a years basic ‘Diploma in Homeopathy’, four years Bachelor of Homeopathy and another two ‘Doctorate in Homeopathy’.

In addition there are four Faculty of Homeopathy training Centres throughout Malaysia i.e. HQ at Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Kota Bharu, Kuala Lumpur and Bangi, Selangor which regularly provide clinical training in different subjects for local students, and practical training for practitioners from all over the world. The law of similars and the pure tenets of Hahnemann Homeopathy are taught. Besides the faculty covered all liberal medical subjects such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, obstetrics, etc.

Unfortunately, at the same time, bogus institution sprung up, such as round table homeopathic college, flying college, etc offering ‘diplomas’ and degrees, some of them got degree from correspondence colleges oversea. Much harm was done to homeopathic because of this.

The Central Homeopathic Organization

Due to this situation, Dr Nik Omar and group of qualified homeopath formed the national homeopathic organization by the name of ‘The Registered Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association or ‘MRHP’ and prompted a government to pass a decree and gazetted by Parliament No. 1048 / 84 and thus united all qualified homeopath in one strong society. The first president Dr Nik Omar and Secretary General Dr Mohamed Ali Hamzah. MRHP HQ is at No.11, Bangunan Tabung Haji Lama, Jalan Dato Pati, 15000 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

In 1979 Dr Nik Omar formed another organization ‘Homeopathic Doctors without Barriers’ DRTB within MRHP. 50 members in this group has volunteers themselves in almost all humanitarian activities and works as far as in slums areas in Sri Lanka, the poor’s of Thailand, the war stricken areas in Afghanistan , the refugee at Pakistan borders, the earth quakes at Indonesia, the Tsunami victims in Malaysia, etc. More than 100,000 peoples has benefited through this free homeopathic volunteer services.

Present Homeopathic Activities in Malaysia and abroad.

In 2007 we have listed about 100 full time homeopathic practitioners 500 part times practitioners and 500 associate homeopath. There are about 50 homeopathic clinic operating throughout Malaysia to treat 27 million population. Homeopathic system of medication is coming popular in Malaysia. By end of 2007 more than 3 millions of the population has benefited with homeopathic treatments.

Local Activities.
• DRTB Homeopathic Malaysia Volunteer Volunteers started in 1979, and work in close cooperation with members of AHML and also LHMI up till 2008 still very active and runs a free mobile clinic. The latest we help the Tsunami victim, the earth quakes in Indonesia, the flood in Johor 2007 , the poor’s in Cambodia 2006
• The most active society in Malaysia are The Registered Homeopathic Medical Practitioners and Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, FAHOM, AHML & LHMI
• Almost all homeopaths in Malaysia are very active giving lectures, talk and seminar to public throughout Malaysia.
• Between 2005 – March 2008 Prof Nik Omar has given more than 10 talks and lectures in Malaysia TVs, Brunei and also Beijing China TV on Homeopathy and Alternative Medicines.
• MRHP & FAHOM has organized more than 23 national Seminars & 7th International Conferences on Homeopathy in Malaysia.
• DRTB, FAHOM and LHMI members has served humanitarian works all over the world such as in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
• Up till now 2008 Prof Nik has written more than 300 articles in journal, magazines and newspaper locally and abroad about homeopathy.

Homeopathic Organization

There are 10 homeopathic societies in Malaysia

1. The Registered Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association – President Prof Dr Nik Omar
2. The Persatuan Homeopathy Iktisas – Prof Dr Zuharni Ab Ghani.
3. The Persatuan Homeopathy Bumiputra – late Prof Mohamed Yakub
4. Persatuan Homeopathy Malaysia – late Prof Burhanuddin Helmy
5. Persatuan Doktor Homeopathy – Dr Muthias Raja
6. Persatuan Homeopathy Electronik – Prof Amir Hamzah
7. Persatuan Homeopathy Sabah
8. Persatuan Sains Homeopathy Johor – Dr Hairuddin Hamid
9. Persatuan Homeopathy Sarawak
10. Majlis Homeopathy Malaysia
11. Persatuan Homeopathy Kedah – late Prof Dr Azizan Ismail

International Homeopathic Medical League –LHMI Malaysia

LHMI Malaysia was first initiated by Dr Nik Omar who met the than Dr Divan Harish Chand the President of LHMI at New Delhi in 1990 and discuss the formation of LHMI Malaysia. After gathering 25 members, Dr Nik Omar submitted the names of members and with the help of Dr Divan Vijay Chand in 1993, LHMI Malaysia was set up with first Vice President goes to Dr Nik Omar. In 2000, the Vice President goes to late Dr Azizan Hj Ismail and in 2007 the members of LHMI selected Dr Nik Omar again as Vice President for LHMI

At 63rd LHMI Congress at Belgium in 2008 Prof Dr Nik Omar was selected a vice president of LHMI for Malaysia. Malaysia sent 6 members of LHMI Malaysia to the Liga Conference at Belgium headed by Dr Nik Omar. Dr Faridah, Dr Zaharah and three others.

The regular monthly meeting and program of LHMI is organized together with The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia and The Registered Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association where Prof Dr Nik Omar is the president.

Homeopathic Colleges / Academy• The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia – FAHOM
122 Taman University, Gelang Mas, Meranti, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia. Tel: 019-9401915
• Zuharni Academy Sains Homeopathy – ZACH Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
• Persatuan PDRM Homeopathy Kedah
• Persatuan Homeopathy Bumiputra Johor
• Persatuan Homeopathy Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Homeopathic Medical Centre & Pharmacy

• Nik Omar Homeopathy Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Bangi, Pasir Mas.
• Homeopathic Centre at Damansara Utama Uptown
• Zaitun Mulia Homeopathic Pharmacy, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
• Dr Syafiq Homeopathy Centre, Kuala Lumpur
• Dr Zuharni Homeopathic Centre, Kuala Lumpur
• Dr Amir Hamzah Homeopathic Centre, Melaka
• Dr Mohd Nasir Homeopathic Centre, Kota Bharu, Kelantan
• Dr Azman Mat Zin Abd Rahman, Machng, Kelantan.
• Dr Rosli Mahmood, Dungun, Trengganu.
• Dr Azizan Era Edar Sdn Bhd, Jitra Kedah
• Dr Haji Mohammed Johor Baharu.

* There are more than 50 which are not listed here.

Council of Homeopathy Malaysia

This council, Majlis Homeopathy Malaysia was first formed in 2000 to unite all homeopathic societies in one body. Five big societies i.e. The Persatuan Pengamal Homeopathy, Persatuan Istisad, Persatuan Bumiputra, Persatuan Homeopathy and Persatuan Doktor Homeopathy set together and set up Majlis Homeopathy. But unfortunately that the ‘official’ in the Council was divert away from the original aim and abuse the power, resulted three of the member society split away. Only two societies left i.e. Persatuan Homeopathy Malaysia and Persatuan Homeopathy Bumiputra and paralyzed the Majlis.
Resulted that all other homeopathic disassociate and did not recognized such ‘Majlis’ and Majlis by this time is not the sole speaker of homeopathy Malaysia.

Homeopathy and Government Policy

• From the Malaysia Independent in 1957 up till 2007 Homeopathic System of Medicine was adopted and rule a government decree by Medical Act No. 34 / 1971 where by all traditional / complementary medicines are allow to practice provide they are abide by such act.

• Government of Malaysia supported all alternative / complementary medicine under a special unit with Ministry of Health that is called “Unit Traditional and Complementary Medicine or T/CM”

• There are few institution runs homeopathic courses in Malaysia. Even though the government has ‘no official reorganization’ but they did not opposed such further education. Refer letter dated 24th Sept 1986 by Tan Sri Datuk Dr Abdul Khalid bin Sahan, Director of Heath, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

“ To The Secretary, The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, This is to inform you
that we have no objection to the planning of Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia,
provided the practice is according to Medical Act 34 [1971]

• Now Ministry of Health has set up the code of ethics, code of practice and disciplinary procedures regarding T/CM in Malaysia, such as

• Regarding the practices of Homeopathy & T/CM should be identified by professional nameplates or sign of a size, color and form appropriate to the nature of the area and the location of the practice and bearing the names and qualifications of the T/CM medical practitioners practicing at the premises.

• Practitioners shall comply at all times with the requirements of the code of practice.

• Official acceptance is lacking, but the people has given top priority to the practices and full support for homeopathy and alternative treatment. Private practice is tolerated by the government. By this year Ministry of Health already set up T/CM unit in Government Hospital and first model hospital selected using integrated medicine is at Government Satellite City of Putrajaya where clinics for Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Malay Medicine are operating hand in hand with western medicines.

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What Is Homeopathy - How Does Homeopathy Works

Homoeopathy is a complete system of alternative medicine that is safe, simple and effective. It treats the whole person with non toxic remedies to help build up their health such that they are able to heal naturally from whatever disease process they are suffering.

In a world with the bodies of people poisoned by chemicals, radiation, drugs, heavy metals and vaccinations, with modern life styles and poor nutrition, it is far from being a natural world with only simple health problems. In a world with the bodies of people poisoned by chemicals,

radiation, drugs, heavy metals and vaccinations, with modern life styles and poor nutrition, it is far from being a natural world with only simple health problems. Many different methods of applying homoeopathic principles, focused on the value of what works rather than adherence to any particular theory of how Homoeopathy should be done, have been developed in the last 20 years in order to simplify and make effective the treatment of 21st century diseases.


The Homoeopathy way of healing was devised by the Great German physician Dr. Christian Frederick Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th Century. He came across an old idea of the efficacy of 'Cinchona bark' in treating intermittent fever due to its toxic effect on the stomach and conducted experiments upon himself in order to get the truth. He deduced from the experiment that Cinchona was used as a remedy for intermittent fever and it could produce symptoms similar to those of intermittent fever in healthy people, if taken for a specific period of time. The law of 'Similia Similibus Curentur' or 'let likes be treated by the likes' thus forms the basis of treatment under the Homoeopathic method of drug therapy employed to cure the natural sufferings of person by the administration of drugs which have been experimentally proved to possess the power of producing similar artificial sufferings or symptoms of diseases in healthy human being.

Principals of Homoeopathy

Homeopathic remedies (also called homoeopathic) are a system of medicine based on three principles:
1. Like cures like
For example, if the symptoms of your cold are similar to poisoning by aconite, then Aconite Naplellus would be your homeopathic remedy.
2. Minimal Dose
The remedy is taken in an extremely dilute form; normally one part of the remedy to around 1,000,000,000,000 parts of water.
3. The Single Remedy
No matter how many symptoms are experienced, only one remedy is taken, and that remedy will be aimed at all those symptoms.
4. Proving oh Healthy Human Being
All homeopathic medicines to be given must be proof on healthy human being and not on lower animals. Homeopathic consider the anatomical and physiological action of human and lower animals are very much different.
5. Doctrine of Vital Force
Health and Disease is caused by the vital energy in our body.
6. Direction of Cure
The cure must be natural and no suppression.

How does homeopathy differ from conventional medicine?

In conventional medical thought, health is seen simply as the absence of disease. You assume that you are healthy if there is nothing wrong with you.

An important basic difference exists between conventional medical therapy and homeopathy. In conventional therapy, the aim often is to control the illness through regular use of medical substances, even if the medication is nothing more than vitamins. If the medication is withdrawn, however, the person returns to illness. There has been no cure. A person who takes a pill for high blood pressure every day is not undergoing a cure but is only controlling the symptoms. Homeopathy's aim is the cure: "The complete restoration of perfect health,"

More news

Apakah Homeopathy: Homeopathy adalah satu sistem perubatan alternatif yang moden dengan asasa perawatan yang lengkap berlandaskan konsep Rawatan semulajadi. Dalam homeopati perawatanb akan berjalan secara sistamatik dan mesra alam dan mesra pengguna. Semua ubat yang digunakan bertujuan untuk menyembuhkan penyakit dan pesakit. Bagi homeopati kita tidak fokus kepada ubat 'tahan sakit' tetapi lebih memfokuskan kerahan penyembuhan berkekalan.
Ubat-ubat homeopati diasaskan dari alam semulajadi atau dikenali sebagai ubat-ubat organik dan bukannya ubat kimia.

Pembacaan lanjut sila lawata laman

Bypass - Heart Operation

How Long Will My Bypass Grafts Last ?
By THLee

HOW LONG does a coronary graft last ? It depends on where your grafts came from. The most common sources are leg veins ( the saphenous veins), arteries that supply the chest ( the internal mammary artery), and arteries from arm ( the radial artery)

Grafts made from leg veins tend to become blocked by cholesterol-filled plague and blood clots over times, so that half or more close up within 10 years.

Grafts made from internal mammary arteries resist such blockages and most stay open for 20 years or more. Graft made from radial arteries fall somewhere in between.

Why aren'tinternal mammary arteries used for all bypass grafts ? For one thing, each of us is born with only two of these, and many people need two, three, or more bypass grafts. Using both internal mammary arteries could compromise blood supply to the chest wall.

In addition, they are relatively short, usually reaching only the front part of the heart. That's why most people have their blockages bypassed with a combination of internal mammary and asphenous vein or radial artery grafts.
If you have vein grafts, do't feel like your clock is tickling beased on these numbers. In many people, as vein grafts narrow, the heart responds by growing new blood vessels that can compensate for the reduced blood flow.

One thing you can do to nurture the growth of these collateral vessels in excercise regularly. If you do this and take care of your heart in other ways, the chances are good that even if your vein graft blocks, neither you nor your heart will notice it - Harvard Health Letters.

Pembedahan Pintasan Koronari: Di Malaysia Hari Ini, pembedahan jantung secara bypass merupakan suatu pembedahan yang lumrah dan hampir 99% kejayaan telah dicapai oleh pakar-pakar bedah di Malaysia. Ya 15 - 20 thaun dahlu memang kita bergantung kepada pakar-pakar bedah antarabangsa untuk mebuat pintasanb koronari, tetpai hari ini, pembedahan seumpama ini begitu mudah dan selesa dapat dilakukan di Malaysia dengan aman.
Pakar-pakar bedah kita kini setanding, malah boleh diperakui adakalanya lebih baik dari pakar-pakar bedah luar negara.
Contoh Mantan Perdana Menteri Malaysia Dr Mahadir Mohammed sendiri melakukan pembedahan bypass dengan pakar bedah Malaysia dan beliau kekkal sihat sehingga ke hari ini.

Chelidonium, Homeopathic Liver Tonic

Jaundice, Hepatitis
Get Your Liver Tonic from Our Homeopathic Medical Centre at
Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Bangi, Damansara Utama Uptown, Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas Kelantan, Kota Bharu, Sentul or Putra Height Bukit Mahkota Call 03-26926549
Special Designed to Treat a Wide Range of
Hepatic Dysfunction
Such As:
* Jaundice
*Sluggish Liver Function
*Poor appetite
*Hepatitis A, B or C
*Chronic Constipation
*Liver Spots


Penyakit demam kuning, jaundis, hepatitis ada ubatnya dalam pengubatan homeopati, anda boleh mencubanya. Jangan tunggu lama-lama sebab penyakit hati boleh merbahayakan diri anda.

Dengue , Is There Any Medicine in Homeopathy ?

Dengue is also know as Denggi or Break Bone Fever.Dengue is a Spanish word maning prudery and this is so namee because of the stiffness of the patients's neck and shoulders, typical of a person with ego and a stickler of manners. It is a tropical disease and is caused by a virus transmitted by mosquito especially Ades Aegypti.
The disease is characterised by severe fever, severe pain in the bones and muscles. There is a feeling as if the bones are broken and hence the name. Tsymptoms of the disease resemble those of influenza as regards the fever, headache, muscle and bones pains, articular rheumatism, etc making diagnosis difficult. The onset is sudden. If not trated at earlier stage the infected patient may die.

Homeopathic Remedies for Dengue

* Eupotorium Perfoliatum : the first choice if there is fever with great soreness, bones pains and aching all over the body with headache.

* Baptisia : Dr J.T Kent of USA recommended Baptisia to be given as soon as the patients bodily discomfort, fever with headache etc to abort the disease and control the virulence of the attack.

* Bryonia: Dr E.B. Nash in his 'Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutic' suggest Bryonia Alba when the rheumatic pains are prominent with joint pains, swollen and hot.Fveer with headache, pain worse on least motion, bones stiff and painful.

Next other remedies recommended Gelsemium, Arnica, Aconite, belladonna.

Penyakit Demam Denggi amat bahaya jika tidak dirawat berakhir dengan kematian. Oleh itu jika ada keluarga anda yang mengidap penyakit ini dan berada di hospital, sila datang ke kelnik kami dan ambil ubat homeopati untuk dimakan sewaktu berada di wad kerana biasanya di hospital mereka akan menjaga dengan sempurna namun tidak ada ubat spesifik untuk denggi, anda boleh mencuba ubat homeopati. Pesan ubat anda dati 03-26926549

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Unique History of The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital 140 Years Anniversary

Dr Zaharah from Homeopathic Medical Centre Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan while visiting Royal London Homeopathic Hospital UK 2008

On 1st April, The Royal Ondon Homeopathic Hospital in United Kingdom entered a challenging new era when it became a self-governing National Health Service NHS Hospital Trust. Staff, pateints, members of the Board of management and homeopathic supporters marked the historic occassion with a day of celeberation.

It was an event of special significance to those who like myself through the Hahnemann Society and this magazine ( Homeopathy Today) had campaigned on behalf of the hospital against many resource cuts and treats of closure over the years. This was the birth of a new day, providing much needed opportunities for the development of services at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and the expansion of homeopathic in the NHS throughout the country.

Many of homeopathy great names have passed through the hospital's doors and contributed to its work. It can be justfiably proid of it record of service to the sick. As Dr Peter Fisher, RLHH consultant Physician, recorded in this magazine four years ago when the hospital celebrated its 140 th anniversary.

" For 140 years, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it has provided high quality homeopathic medicine without interruption, even despite being bombed in 1940s. This unique record, unrivalled by any other institution in the world, has given the RLHH unparalleled experience of the care of acutely, seriously and terminally ill patients with homeopathy. The hospital is a major international centre not just for practice of homeopathy but also for research and training of doctors."

Malaysia Homeopathic Volunteers at Various Places Locally and Abroad 1979 - 2008

Homeopathic Doctors Withour Barrier unedr MRHP Malaysia.
Every year approximately 50 homeopathic doctors from MRHP Malaysia give up their annual holidays. They make their medical knowledge and skills available to the charity "homeopathic Doctors Without Barriers' free of charge for a period of at least four to two months.On top of this, they even pay for their flight to help the country to which they are sent. In 1979 Dr Nik Omar, the President of MRHP Homeopathy Malaysia established this organization at Kota Bharu, kelantan with the aim of providing medical help in countries with low levels of medical provision....
Read more news from

Our Service at various places in Pakistan, Sri Langka, Afghanistan (1988) Cambodia ( 2006) Jerantut , Pahang, Floor in Kelantan 1979, Indonesia , Tsunami Disaster, etc.

Cupping / Blood Stasis / Al Hijamah / Bekam

Our Medical Centre provide the service of Cupping both Wet Cupping and Dry Cupping
We also provide Cupping courses for local and foreigners. You may contact 019-9401915 or e mail us :

We are using the new technique of Cupping ( Mosern Cupping) Al-Hijamah.

Kaedah Bekam yang dilakukan di Klinik kami di Gelang Mas, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, di Bangi dan Damansara Uptown.

Ancient Way of Arabic Cupping Al Hijamah - Bekam Cara Kuno

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Preventive Medicine In Homeopathy

* Against Influenza, flu or clod - Influenzinum
* Against Whooping Cough - Pertussin
* Against Samllpox - Variolinum
* Against Mumps - Pilocarpinum or Parotidinum
* Against Mouth and Foot Disease in Animals - Kali Iod.
* Aganist Scarlet fever - Belladonna
* Against Measles - Campak - malandrinum or Morbilinum
* Against Cancer - Thuja
* Against Diphtheria - Diptherinum
* Against Tuberculosis - Tuberculinum
* Agaist Syphillis - Syphillinum
* Agaist Gonorrhoea - Medorrhinum
* Against hepatitis - Chelidonium

Goiter / Tyroid

Gondol / Tirod

Homeopathic medication - Iodium and Tyrodinum head the remedy for goitre or tyroid an is indicated in spare, dark and active patients. It should be given in high potency. Marked hardness with sensation of constriction. Hypertrophy of two lobes, tumor becoming more swollen and painful at each return of menses. Grandular increase in size especially right side, soft and without any fluctuation. non lobulated tumor in interior and median portion of the size as large as a child' head, rosy, red, heavy in weight and soft is cured by this remedy. Goitre with soft and rapid pulse. The iodium patients are depressed, low spirited and suicidal.

Homeopathic Remedies Without Surgery:
Calc Carb., Nat Mur., Bromium., Lapis Albus., Lachesis, Lycopus., Adrenalin, Spongia

Gondol boleh dirawat secara homeopati. Ubat-ubat homeopati pilihan adalah seperti diatas.

Rheumatism, Gout & Arthritis

Gout, theumatic and arthritis are almost or having slightly similar symptoms. The pains are located at all the joints, limbs are full of distress, sore bones, burning in sole, arthritis enlargement, painful peristeum and joints with sharp pain.
Pain under poiunts of scapula, between shoulders, extending downnard to stomach of back. The violent sharp pain coming suddenly which makes the patient crazy. The pain sometime cause numbness.
Chronic gouty state with inflamed nodosities, of the finger joints, elbow joints, toes, etc Gouty of arthritic headache may alternate with the pain in joints.
- the remedies suggested Banz Ac, Oxalic Acid, Manganum, Chamomilla.

Eczema & Homeopathic Treatment

Here are some guide for the treatment of eczema with homeopathic medication.

Rawatan Homeopati Untuk penyakit Eczema

* Eczema is intense burning and itching, aggravated by washing or scaratching. The skin is is rough and coarse, dry and scaly. Fiery redness of all the orifices, eyelids, ears, etc. Very offensive odour from the body. Sinking at the pit of the stomach. hands and head hot. Aggravation of irritation from heat of bed covers, pillows etc. Eczema caused by hair dyes. The patient is usually dirty and untidy.- Sulphur.

* Eczema on the back of hand, Bakre's eczema. Moist eczema in the bends of knoees, appearing during the full moon. Frequently in women who suffer from dysmenorrhoea.- Bovista.

* Chronic eczema dry and scaly on the scalp, face, crust over the scalp with dandruff, hair fall out. Eczema at aelbow, knee , around the ears.

Please Note: Even in homeopathy it is not essy to treat eczema, there is no cure in western medicine for eczema The allopathic medication normally prescribe very strong drugs - prednosolone or dexamatosone to suppres

Enlargement of Penis

There are various form of enlargement of penis. The most common are by vaccum
Plase take note that;

Penis can grow on the own , naturally from young days untl age 30 years. After the age of 30 and over only few percent of the man still manage to gorm the penis until perhaps age 40 but not more than that.

The organ of men - penis need to be keep with excellent health condition, regularly we need to look after the penis such as tirmming the hair, massage the penis regularlly and take some homeopathic pills for stronger and smart looking. Vitamin E is very good. Avoid some chemical pills.

Please take not that too much of drugging such as prolong intake of diabetis pill or hypertension pill may effect your erection. You have got to take this

Problem of Vagina

Female genital Problems, Loss of Sexuall Desire, Itching in Vagina etc

Masalah Kesihatan Organ Wanita - Lemah tenaga sek, Dingin Seks, dan sebagainya.

*Genital Dry itching surrounding libia minora and labia majora , itching is terrible and the patients continues to scratch untill parts bleeds. - Sulphur.
* Pruritus with passing of wind throught vagina ( kentut dari faraj) sexual exacitement and hysteria with desire to cry. Pain in the uterus, contraction, induration with chooking sensation.- Tarentula H
* Itching in vulvae with burning, swelling and thickening of labia - Urtica Uren
* Loss of sexuall desire in ladies, cool - Platinum
* Pain during sexual intercourse with dryness of vagina - Natrum Mur.
* Pain with almost constant desire for sex - Hydratis.
* Asthma or any other disease on attempting coition
* Vagina easily watery and too much water during intercourse - Silicea.

Masalah sexual wanita boleh diselesaikan melalui rawatan homeopati

Problem of Erections

No erection , Premature Ejeculatiion, Penis cool. etc.

Masallah Ereksi: Mati Pucuk, Zakar Tidak Tegang

The choice of Homeopathic Remedies for:

When there is erection frequent, day and night - Dioscorea
Erection violent particularly at night - Platinum
Penis with no erection or feeble erection - Phosphorus
Prematue ejeculation with feeble erection - Nux Vomica
No erection in the morning - Acid Phos.
Erection slow and cannot penetrate the vagina - Aconite
Terrible erection disturbing sleep - Cann Ind
Erection when looking at girls - Ac Picris.

Masalah Ereksi atau zakar tidak tegang, masalah nafsu seks terlampau kuat, masalah zakar lembek dan tidak mampu masuk kedalam vagina. Semua ini dapat dirawat dengan sempurna dengan cara homeopati

Masturbation - Onani

Here are few remedies suggested to overcome masturbation ( Onani, melacap, main tangan )

Last week on 4th of September 2008 a young boy walk in our Homeopathic Clinic at Damansara Uptown.
Boy Age: 16 years.
History of Masturbation since age: 10 years.
Prequentcy of masturbation: one or twice a day, somtime three time a day.

His condition now: Facial become dull and hypocratic, very tired and wekness, cracking sound all over the joints, eyes become blurr, forgetfullness, wek memory, shevering and trembling, body become thin and weak, dryness of mounth, constipation.

I have given the best to my knowledge to help this young boy back to his normal life.
Given cauncelling and motivation with good homeopathic prescription.

Here are some of homeopathic remedies suggested:
Platinum is good for masturbation before the age of puberty and its effects.
Caladium is a remdy for taking away the habi of maturbation and for removing its bad effect. Penis glans get flabby and relaxed.
Origanum M - disposition to masturbation with impulses excessively aroused. Sexually desire makes him mad.
Staphisagria - after effect of masturbation - penis become weak and relax, penis shrinking, become smaller in sixe, premature ejeculation

Onani - Mastubasi boleh melemahkan tenaga batin, jika berlebihan boleh hilng memory, badan lemah, selalu mengantuk, badan lesu, jadi pelupa dan zakar tidak menegang. Penyakit ini boleh dirawat oleh homeopathy


Sakit Saraf Muka

Both homeopathy and Acupuncture are excellent choice for treating Neuralgia ( A very disturbing and painful ) either on left or right side of the face.
Facial neuralgia occuring for three to four days after a week or so. It has shooting pains. Neuralgia of the left side of the face, during night driving him out of bed, better by keeping in constant motion and worse by stoppoing motion ( Mangnesia carb)

If pain brought by excietment or vexation which comes in waves and are better by heat, from pressure and are worse during rest. Colocynthis is the right choice with left sided neuralgia. Distortion of face during pain. Pain especially in the cheek bones, infra orbital nerve.

Swelling of Gums

Abcess and Inflammation of Gums

Homeopathic medicine such as Mercurius is good for suppurating gums bolis. Gums swollen, spongy and bleeding, breath offensive, worse heat of bed and at night.
"Hepar Sulp" should be given when suppurations occur all of sudde. This remedy have the dual action od subsiding the abcess or absorting it. Should be given in 3x potency. " Hecla Lava' is another excellent remedy for gums abcess, especially from decay teeth.

Belly Palsy Can be cured !

Do you know that Bell Palsy Can be Cured Through Homeopathy ?

If threated earlier Bell Palsy or Paralysis of the face ( Facial Palaysis ) can be cured especially when there is neuralgia, twitching and numbness of the face accompanied by palaysis. "Causticum" sholud be given when paralysis from exposure to cold wind or draught. Allium Cepa is good for palaysis of the left half of the face.

more info

MRHP _FAHOM Homeopathic Volunteers Serving at Cambodia 2006

Malaysian Homeopathic Practitioners Association MRHP under the leadership of Prof Dr Nik Omar is one of the most active homeopathic organization in Malaysia. MRHP has set up the Homeopathic volunteers in 1979 and up till now they have served more than 100 volunteers mission locally and abroad. You may see their activities at