Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cancer, Should You Wait For Death Destiny ?

Dr Faridah, Dr Zaharah & Lady Diana at Madame Tussaude, London

Is There No Medicine For Cancer ? Is Cancer Curable In Homeopathy ?

Cancer like other diseases is curable in Homeopathy. Why and how ? To understand this, one has to understand the basic principle of homeopathy. According to the principle of cure in Homeopathy, there is nothing that is incurable provided there is sufficient energy 'Vital Force' in the patient at the time of taking to or restorting to homeopathic treatment.

According to homeopathic scientists, without the cause, there cannot be a disease. So the cause should be traced. If we find out the root of the disease than there must be a medicine for it.

Believe me, there are million of people who suffered from cancer and died beacuse they dont know where get the medicine for cancer and they dont know where to find the healer, they dont know what is homeopathy, they dont know what is alternative medicine, and what alternative medicine can offer for curing cancer.

"So unfortunate that the patient died and buried in the graveyard, where as on the top of their grave, lying the herbs and medicines for cancer !!"

Some Ignorant Dont Believe On Homeopathy ?

We dont ask anybody to believe homeopathy. The greatest mistake done with some allopathic physician is that, they advised not to take homeopathic medication or some special herbs preparation for cancer, where as they have 'no medicine ' to offer.

Should the patient wait for their destiny without trying anything.
[ Menunggu saat kematian tanpa mencuba apa-apa perawatan ? ]

Some ignorant scholar always keep on argue, what can homeopathy do for cancer?

They will say - nothing that homeopathy can do, but why should we deny the research and cases record that the homeopathic doctors have done for hundred of years in the field of treating cancer with homeopathy.
( See Case Recorded in Homeopathic Therapeutic Index by Dr Nash, Dr Kent, Dr Boericke, Dr Boger, Dr Eli Jones, Dr Jugal Kishore, Dr Muhammad Masood Queshi, etc.)

But if your family is having cancer, why not try homeopathic medication. It is worth trying, as homeopathic treatment is a natural method which has no side effect at all. But the result is very good.

No body can stop death (kematian) but at least we are giving some hope to the patients.

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