Monday, April 6, 2009

A Visit by an old friend , Dr Norzulhaimi Husin From Klang, Selangor

Today I had a surprised visit from an old Friend of mine, Dr Norzulhaimi Husin.MBBS.

I first met Dr Zul when he was a Medical Student at Peshawar Medical College, Pakistan in 1978. He was the one who help us during our tripped to help Refugees Centre at Peshawar.

Some detail at

Almost 20 years back now we meet again at Kg Baru Kuala Lumpur.

He is now a G.P at his own clinic at Klinik Zuhaimi at Kg Jawa, Klang, Selangor.

I still had a large number of Pksitani graduate, most of them are MBBS and working perhaps in private clinic now.

If you know where about this doctors, kindly please let me know, we are serching for you. My Email: My Mobile 019-9401915

1. Dr Rahman
2. Dr Fadzil Che Wan
3. Dr Salam
4. Dr Rahim
5. Dr Kasmini Kasim, Dr Laila @ Laili
6. Dr Hassan Che Mat, Dr Nawab Khan, Dr Lim, Dr Lingam, Dr Hamid Pawang Teh
. Dr Amin and many more....

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