Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Muscular Atrophy and Homeopathic Treatment

Reported by Dr G.K. Shangloo, Dr Sharad Shangloo and Dr Sunit Shangloo
From Meera Shangloo Homeopathic Research Centre, Allahabad,India.

One day, a patient, Mr Pandey, a bus conductor walk in my clinic. He complaint of 'mercilessly beaten' up on the back by a hockey sticks by some anti-social elements and was thrown out on the road from a moving bus. He was treated at a local hospital where he improved.

But after sometime he again felt pain in the small of his back and lower limbs. His lower limbs started thinning down and became very difficult for him. He was diagnosed a case of 'Progressive Muscular Atrophy' at BHU Hospital.

His condition continue deteriorate. He was later given homeopathic medication by one of our medical officer, under which he gradually improved.
After taken homeopathic medication, the pain and thinning of his lower limbs stopped. Now he can walk and perform his daily routine work.

This case has induced in me a strong conviction that by proper and timely treatment of case of spinal cord injuries we can certainly bring back bedridden people on their own feet again.

By G.K. Shangloo, India.

From Dr Nik Omar's Case Record

I had the same experience with a young patent age 21 years who fell down and after sometime the patient could not walk. On examination at local Hospital, it was diagnosed as "Muscular Atrophy' where almost all muscular become thinning and shrinking. Most of the Doctors say nothing can be done for this patient. Until out desperation he came to consult me and under integrated treatment with me for 6 months.

The patient improved a lost and within 6 months of treatment, the patient weight has increased 4 kilogram. The patient still continue treatment.

Dr Nik Omar,, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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