Thursday, April 9, 2009

Malayian Homeopathic Volunteers

On the way to Refugee Centre at Peshawar, Pakistan 1987

At Nakorn Sithamarat, Thailand 1988

At Sri Lanka 1992

At Cambodia 2006

Malaysia Homeopathic Volunteers at Various Places Locally and Abroad 1979 - 2008
Homeopathic Doctors Withour Barrier unedr MRHP Malaysia.

Every year approximately 50 homeopathic doctors from MRHP Malaysia give up their annual holidays. They make their medical knowledge and skills available to the charity "homeopathic Doctors Without Barriers' free of charge for a period of at least four to two months.On top of this, they even pay for their flight to help the country to which they are sent. In 1979 Dr Nik Omar, the President of MRHP Homeopathy Malaysia established this organization at Kota Bharu, kelantan with the aim of providing medical help in countries with low levels of medical provision....
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