Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Cases of Cataract & Homeopathic Treatment, A Case Study

Reported By Dr Ram Lal Gupta 223/218/219

Case 1: Cataract
A man age 45, had soft white thin cataract over right eye developed after slight injury to the eye, some 5 years ago, now he had inflammation of eye lid, with scrofulous history in the family.

I have given Sil 30 morning and evening and Cineraria eye drops for two months, and Sil 200 one dose every fortnight with same eye drops cured the patient completely within 6 months.

Case 2: A man age 39, had developed little cataract over the right eye, after an injury which caused some loss in the eye-sight of right eye. Di sight worse at night, photo phobia, inability to expose the eye to light, hot tears in day light.
Sweating of body in crowed place
Con 30 alternation with Kali Phos 6x -every four hours.
Cured the patient within two months.

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