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Childless Couple Get Baby By Homeopathic Therapeutic of Infertility Prof Dr Nik Omar

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Record From: Our Damansara Homeopathic & Acupuncture Centre
No.3 Jalan SS21/60 Damansara Utama Uptown, PJ

Damansara 13 Oktober 2008

Getting Baby Through Homeopathic Method.

We have a very good record of 3 couples who cam to our Damansara Utama branch clinic with Infertility Problems.

The three couples coincidentally works at the same place and having the same problems
There are:
1. Mrs D bt D Age: 34 Working as : Executive
2. Mrs Sh bt D Age 37: Working as: Executive
3. Mrs As bt BMO Age: 37 years Working as: Executive

Complaint of: Infertility
Married: Between 3 to 6 years

Homeopathic Physician in Charge: Prof Nik Omar & Dr Mohd Izham
Assistant: Nik Bazilah Hakimah.

First Visit: 11 August 2008 at Damansara Utama.

On 11 August three of this patients came together in my clinic. After few chatting, I came to know that they are coming to see me as they need some help because of their problems of getting baby.

I called in three of them together and I elaborate the detail of How the treatment of HTI will go on. After about 90 minutes of case taking with speciality considering their modalities and characteristic.
I prescribe three of them with three different remedies as all of them are not the same constitution and with different modalities.

First Module: I gave all of them Acupuncture Therapy related to Yin and Yang and also considering the flow of 'chi'. The Ac points given were LI4, LI11, Ren 2, Ren 3 and ren 4. Acupuncture for 30 minutes

After Acupuncture therapy, I prescribe Sepia 200c and Mang Phos 12x for one week each

Next Visit 18 August 2008

Early in the morning the three young women came in again to get the next prescription.
I follow the same procedure as the first one and given them different medication as each of them having different modalities. Basically I gave them Puls30c, Platina, Damiana for two weeks.

Third Visit: 1 September 2008

I proceed with the same procedure except homeopathic medication, I have change according to the new symptomatology give.

Fourth Visit Today : 13 October 2008.

One of them with happy smiles says that " Thanks doc I am pregnant now".
I was caught by surprised that I said, Waooo hwy so fast ? I still need to prescribe more medicines to you, but now you are pregnant, I cant give anything more !!"
All of them smiles.

The other two insist me to give the same medication like her friend as she also want to get baby by next months. "I don't want to wait any longer" as we came together, we need to conceive together.

MasyaAllah, you can see that Homeopathy not only give fast result but also A Miracle Result.
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