Saturday, October 11, 2008

Satu Lagi Ibu Hamil Mengikut Kaedah HTI P2000 Ciptaan Dr Nik Omar

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Kuala Lumpur: 11 October 2008

Conveived Through Homeopathic Theratment of Infertillity

Name of Patient: Mrs An bt A Record: 5812 Age: 30
Name of Husband: Mr M.M. R Record No: 6061 Age 29

Diagnosis: Infertility
Married: 2 years

Have been to various allopathic clinics and having taken 'Clomidine' for 3 course, also tried Urut kampong and government clinic but faileg to cenceive.

Friend recommended to try Homeopathic treatment with Prof Dr Nik Omar.

First Visit 26 July 2008

Having taken all necessary case taking for about 60 minutes.
Both husband and wife consulted and btoh taken homeopathic pills prescribed by Prof Nik.
Prof Nik prescribe: Ac Phos 30c and Yohim tid for husband
While his wife Sepia 200c bid for two weeks.

Second Visit: 9 August 2008
Follow the same procedure - Not much improvement.

Third Visit 25 August 2008
Symptoms seems to be same as before - continue the nest prescription. New medication given Puls 200c bid for 2 weeks

6th Visit 11 October 2008

Patient came in with a broad smiles. She told us that her period absent for two weeks. On doing Pregnancy Test. It is confirmed that She Is Pregnant ( Positive)
Even through the patient has pregnant, we still give her some pill for 'Healthy Pregnancy'
Thanks doc for your help , terima kasih.


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