Friday, October 10, 2008

Prostate Problem Cured Using Integrated Medicine

Kuala Lumpur
Record Pusat Homeopathy Nik Omar

Name of Patient : dato WAB Age 65 years. Record No: 5119

First Visit 22 Mar 2008

Complaint of: Panful urination, frequent urination.
Last few drop of urine very painful. Unsatisfied urination.
* Orally Homeopathic Medicine - Canthris 30c bid follow up by Aconite 30c bid for two weeks.
* Acupuncture Points along REN meridian - 6 Acu Points.

Second Visit 5 April 2008

No much improvement symptoms seem the same.
Continue the same procedure
Using Acupuncture at LI11, LI 4, Ren 2 and Ren 3
Homeopathic Medication: Thuja 200c bid for 2 weeks.

Third Visit: 3 May 2008

Feeling much better and improved. Less pain and urine clear.
Continue the same procedure
Gicing: LI4, LU 4, Ren 3, Ren 4 and Bahui.
Homeopathic Medication: Merc 30 c bid for 2 weeks.

8th Visit : 21 Jun 2008

Very much improve, no more pain. Urine no more dribbling, no more pain.
At night only passing urine only 2 times , not as before treatment it was 20 times at night, more or less every 10 to minutes. Now thw passing of uirine is back to normal once once or twice daily.

10th Visit : 21 Sept 2008

Thanks doc, my problems almost gone and I am back to normal.

Conclusion: Prostate or any uriinary problems can be solve by using integrated medicine - homeopathy and acupuncture successfully. "The highest Mission of Physician Is To Cure" First para of Organon of Medicine bt Samule Hahnemann.

Prostate Boleh di Sembuhkan Melalui rawatan Homeopathy & Akupunktur
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