Saturday, October 18, 2008

We Need Good Homeopathic Doctors by Year 2015

Malaysia Today:

On 14 October 2008 The Board of Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia- FAHOM with 12 members, had a regular joint meeting with MRHP, AHML and LMHI at our main FAHOM campus at Gelang Mas. Agenda of the meeting was:

1. Approval new application of Student in Department of Homeopathy for year Octo 2008 - August 2009. New Students 1. Miss Geraldine Carol Chong Yee Ying 2. Mr Murugaian s/o Vedankan

2. Approval of new application of students in Department of Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture for Intensive Course in Month of October - december 2008.

3. Proposal of Next 8th International Homeopathic Conference in Malaysia for year 2009
4. Planning for General Assembly Meeting of MRHP, AHML and LMHI
5. Selecting a candidate for next 64th International Homeopathic Congress st Warsaw, Polland year 2009
6. FAHOM has selected Dr Nik Fairuz Hakim for one month special Acupuncture Course for Teacher at Hong Kong Baptist University, China stared in December 2008

In the speech Prof Dr Nik Omar, the President of MRHP requested all homeopathic Board of Directors to work hard to achieve our target for a Good and Quality Homeopathic Doctors Before year 2015

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