Sunday, October 12, 2008

Smallpox, Chicken Pox and Measles

Campak, Bertih, Orang Baik

Homeopathic Treatment for Smallpox. Chicken Pox and Measles

Homeopathic medication are very helpful in treating such cases

Variolinum: This remedy is an excellent remedy for curative as well as a preventive. A dose of this should be given at the commencement of the treatment. The normal treatment should be started 24 hours after. For preventive medicine Vaariolinum should be given once dose a week in 200c.
No other medication shold be given on the day of prescribing Variolinum. It should be given in 200c and not less than that.

Belldonna should be given when the fevr is high and throbbing headache.

Thuja should be given in eruptice stage with milky, flat and painful, offensive pustule upon a dark inflamed area.

Other useful remedies are: Bryonia, Verat Alb., Merc., Maladrinum, Phos., Hammemalis, Lachesi, Hepar Sulp.

Campak, Bertih, Orang Baik: Rawatan homeopati amat sesuai digunakan dan jika diberi dengan tepat akan menyembuhkan dalam tem[piuh satu hingga dua minggu

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