Monday, July 4, 2011

Treatment For Azoospermia

Tidak Ada Benih Spermia
Air Mani Tidak Ada

No Sperma - Nil - Azoospermia

A Testimonial from a patient Mr Amsyari Zarir Abdul Shakur Age: 29th yrs

Record From Homeopathic Clin Dr Nik Omar, Bangi, Selangor.

" I was married for 4 years with no child. I went to consult a doctor to get a baby. They check both me and my wife. They take my sperm and do the 'sperm analysis' and found out that I have no sperm - sperm nil and the doctor told me that I m suffering from 'Azoospermia'

" I m not satisfied with the first result and went for another doctor who did the same test ' Sperm Analysis' and agin got the same answer ' No Sperm seen' Azoospermia.

The doctor advised me to do IVF or just take adopted child. IVF cost RM 20 thousand which is too much for me and adopted child too cannot be accepted to my wife."

" I dont give up and try to search in web other alternatives and found out Prof Dr Nik Omar Method of Infertility -HTI P 2000. I called him and make an appointment to see him at his Bangi Clinic.

On 12 July 2009

On my first consultation Prof Dr Nik Omar ask me a lot questions and advised me to take homeopathic pill for 2 years which I agreed.

I continue my treatment with him and take the pill every two week for 6 months and my wife confirmed pregnant and on 24 September 2010 my wife delivered my first homeopathic daughter by the name of Miss Syafiqah Imaniyah.

My advise to those patient who suffered from Azoospermia, please dont give up 'Homeopathy and acupuncture ' is another way to get baby.

Azoopermia can be cured !!

Bahasa Melayu:

Azoospermia boleh dirawat dan kes diatas berjaya di rawat dengan cara homeopathy. Seorang bapa yang telah kahwin 4 tahun tanpa ada zuriat dan disahkan oleh dua orang doktor allopathy sebagai 'Azoospermia' - tidak ada benih, tidak ada sperma.

" Seorang doktor suroh mengambil anak angkat dan seorang lagi nasihat supaya buat IVF dengan kos RM 20 ribu - Mana lah saya ada duit sebanyak itu. Lagi pulak juga tidak jamin dengan membuat IVF saya boleh anak.

Saya mencari rawatan alternatif lain didalam internet dan jumpa dengan Kaedah HTI Prof Dr Nik Omar dan berusaha membuat temujanji untuk jumpa beliau. Setelah berpuas hati diatas keterangan yang diberikan oleh Dr Nik saya terus mencuba rawatan ini dengan Prof Dr Nik Omar, akhirnya saya berjaya mendapat seorang anak ! , " demekian kata En Amsyari Abd Shakur.

Oleh itu Jangan putus Asa jika anda didapati - Azoospermia' tidak ada live sperm, anda masih mapun untuk berusaha.

Tidak ada jaminan, namun kita boleh ikhtiar.
Selamt mencuba.

Thank You: From Mr. Amsyari Zariri Record No. 5065

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