Monday, July 4, 2011

Arnica Montana Homeopathic Remedy

Arnica Montana Pty Ltd was set up as a sister company to Arnica Montana Ltd in the UK in October 2000. Arnica Montana Ltd and Arnica Montana Pty Ltd are committed to providing Homeopathic information and services world wide. The aim is to raise the awareness and profile of Homeopathy as a mainstream system of medicine throughout the world from both hemispheres, the white swan protected by Royal Charter representing the UK, and the black swan representing Perth in West Australia.

Kate Diamantopoulo, Managing Director of both companies, has 40 years experience as a health professional in both the orthodox and alternative fields of medicine. She is a registered Homeopath since 1987 with the Society of Homeopaths (SOH) UK, and with the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH) since 2002 and arriving in Australia.

She also assesses trained Homeopaths wishing to enter the AROH,and represents West Australia on the National Council for the Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA). In West Australia she is Vice President of the AHA. Similar duties were carried out in the UK prior to coming out to Australia including serving as a Director on the Board of the Society of Homeopaths for 3 years, assessing trained Homeopaths wishing to enter the Register for the SOH, and teaching, examining, moderating as well as sitting on all the Academic Boards at the College of Homeopathy (COH) London for 17 years.

She is an experienced Registered Nurse (RGN Guy's Hospital London), State Certified Midwife (SCM St Thomas' Hospital London) and Health Visitor (HV). She is aware of the need for an individual approach to the health problems of each person and is convinced that the answer to the current health problems of the day lies in educating the general public to be more aware of, and take responsibility for, their health and well being.

She commutes between the UK and Australia twice a year to continue practising and teaching in both hemispheres to promote the connection and cooperation between the two very different countries. She is based in the Hills above Perth living amongst the trees, kookaburras, parrots, blue tongued lizards, possums,and other wildlife which inhabit her garden.

By providing comprehensive websites, seminars in local venues, and quality Homeopathic products, Arnica Montana will educate and support the increase in awareness of Homeopathy as a viable mainstream therapy, complementing current health services in the community.

Mission Statement

Working to promote and foster the use of Homeopathy in Australia as a recognized main stream therapy, and therefore encourage the development of self empowerment in preventative health.


To bring Homeopathy to every household in Australia so that it is recognized as a main stream therapy to help in any situation e.g. first aid, accidents and chronic illnesses.

To make available the homeopathic knowledge through metropolitan and rural seminars, teaching sessions and a comprehensive interactive web site.

To make available adequate supplies of Homeopathic remedies through the import of high quality homeopathic kits and individual remedies and literature.

To manufacture high quality Homeopathic products in Australia for general local use and for export.

This will allow for a better understanding of Homeopathy and enhance the development of self help in health matters. It will assist in reducing the demands on the Australian Health care system, and encourage empowerment in preventative health care in metropolitan and rural communities.

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