Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dr Nik Omar, Alternative Health Practitioner

Photo: Dr Nik Omar
President MRHP Homeopathy Malaysia

Who is Dr Nik Omar

Our Medical Director, Dr. Nik Omar is a senior Consultant in Alternative and Complementary Health Practitioner. He graduated at the Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College & Homeopathic Trust Hospital, Lahore [ 1970 - 1975] and pursue his studies at London Foot Hospital, UK (1975-1977) . He is experienced in all fields of alternative medicine especially homeopathy and Chinese acupuncture, he has depth on chronic disease such and neurological such as migraine, Infertility, Bell Palsy, Neuralgia, Stroke etc. He worked over the last years in Malaysia as a Senior Consultant and Head of Department in clinics for Chronic Miasm , Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.

We take an integral approach on Chronic Diseases , therefore our focus is on well-being of the people turning to us for help. They will be treated with respect, esteem and devotion. Our top priority will be to offer the best therapy in an intimate atmosphere under strict observation of medical confidentiality.

Illnesses: We treat those chronic disease patterns which we can handle in the outpatient setting. We support our patients in all their life crisis treating depressions, all kinds of anxiety (panic and generalized anxiety disorders), compulsive disorders, burnouts, sleeplessness, dementias (like Alzheimer disease),Parkinson, mania, bipolar diseases, attention-deficit disorders and also psychosis in stable state.

Treatment proceeds in accordance with a holistic and individual patient concept which means understanding and open-mindedness towards the cultural, religious and personal background of our patients. We employ the most modern homeopathic approach and psycho therapeutic knowledge. Our patients are involved in the treatment according to personal and illness related aspects. Our goal is a successful treatment, health preservation as well as prevention of illness.

Diagnostics: We offer in-depth homeo-therapeutic case taking and neurological examination as well as psychological approach. We follow strictly the ta net of trinity of homeopathy based on the law of similar, let like be treated by like

Quality Standards:
Internal Clinic organisation and therapeutically procedures comply with proven International standards in the health care sector and CPQ (Center for Health care Planning & Quality)

With more than 30 years experience in the field of Homeopathy and Classical Chinese Acupuncture, Dr Nik Omar is considered as one of the most senior and experience alternative health practitioners in Asia. Treated more than nearly half million patients with great success, he is said to be the father of modern homeopathy in Malaysia.
" Dr Nik has written hundreds of articles about his works. All recognise that he , more than anyone in Malaysia, is responsible for raising homeopathic medicine's profile in Malaysia.....", says Wind of Gold, Malaysian Airline Magazine.

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