Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cough and Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy Offer Specific Remedies For Cough

Rawatan Batuk Dengan Homeopati

Dry cough worse when lying down, relieved by sitting up. Worse by drinking, eating and talking.

Calc carb: Chronic cough, months and years of coughing

: loose cough worse in warm room and better in open air.

Cough at night while asleep.

Kali Bich: Cough with phelgm [ batuk kahak]

Other useful remedies for coughing:

Spongia, phos., sang can., meph., allium cepa., causticum., drosera., Cu Met., Ipecac., Silicea., Ant tart., Stann ., Rumex.

Dose: 2 tablets 3 time daily.

Note: We have many good records of curing chronic coughing with homeopathic treatment.
Give us a chance to treat for about one to 3 months, to see good result. I have treated chronic cough for 6 months continuously and by giving calc carb alternately with Cup Met for two month, the cough cured completely.

Note 2: Dont give too long antibiotic, if giving antibiotic for too long, it's give more harm than good especially children.

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