Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Injuries & Homeopathic Treatment

Hypericum: One of the best homeopathic remedy for nerve injuries. Especially injured with soft parts as in treading on nails, pins, in bites of inserts and animals. Marvellous remedy for pierced, torn or injured parts rich nerves such as lips and finger tips. It is useful for injuries in spine and coccyx. Give Ledum P immediately in order to prevent tetanus. Presence of intolerable pain during tetanus as result of injury. pain in old scars which runs towards the body along the course of nerves.

Ledum: For punctured wounds which feel cold to touch and to patient but relied by cold application. Wounds that bleed scantily and are followed by pain. Black eye from a blow or contusion.


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The Natural Health Clinic said...

yes its true that homeopathy is a best option to treat injuries and the great thing is that it has no side effect.

Acupuncture Malaysia said...

I have treated many cases of internal and external injuries with homeopathic medication and it works wonders.

Dr Nik Omar
Vice president
International Homeopathic Medical League - LHMI for Malaysia.