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Homeopathic Treatment for Renal Failure

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Homoeopathic treatment for chronic renal failure-------a proof

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One day Mr.Dipal Sen of village & P.O.-Jolaibari, District-South
Tripura, State-Tripura, Phone:9436169801 called me to see his mother
Mrs. Parul Sen(70 yrs) who was suffering from Chronic Renal Failure
and was under allopathic treatment in INDIRA GANDHI MEMORIAL HOSPITAL,
Agartala, Tripura. The doctors prescribed Antibiotics, calcium, iron &
diuretic tablets. Her blood pressure & blood sugar was normal.

After treatment of about 20 days the condition of the patient became
more difficult. The level of serum creatinine became more high and the
doctors sent the patient to GOBINDA BALLAB PANT
HOSPITAL,AGARTALA,TRIPURA for dialysis.The patient took admission in
the hospital, but the doctors said that the patient would die soon and
so dialysis was of no use. They also advised her son to go back home
with the patient. Mr. Dipal Sen Called me under these situation and I
went to see his mother in the hospital before discharge from the
hospital and collected the following symptoms:1.
Extremities-swelling-dropsical, 2. Kidney-Suppression of urine,3.
Urine-Albuminous, 4. Urine-Bloody, 6. Anaemia, 7. Nausea, 8.
Thirstlessness, 9. Vomiting, 10. Appetite-diminished, 11.
Respiration-Difficult, 12. Paralysis like sensation in lower limbs,
13. Numbness in lower limbs, 14. Mind-Anxiety, 15. Mind-Anger, 16.
Mind-Suspicious, 17. Mind-Fastidious.

Result of Repartorisation: I selected 17 symptoms(rubrics). The
Homoeopathic remedies Arsenic Album covered all the symptoms.
LYCOPODIUM covered 16 symptoms. SULPHUR & CONIUM also covered 17
symptoms,but Arsenic Album is more effective than SULPHUR & CONIUM in
the cases of swelling extremities, suppression of urine, albuminous
urine, bloody urine, anaemia, nausea, vomiting, difficult respiration,
anger & anxiety. So, I prescribed Arsenic Album. The serum creatinine
level became normal after taking this medicine of 6,30 & 200
potencies. But her appetite was not increased by Arsenic Album.
Another complaints of constipation was disturbing her too much. Then I
prescribed the second selected medicine LYCOPODIUM 30 as it is a good
medicine for constipation, old age & loss of appetite. This medicine
increased her appetite and cured constipation. Now she is taking
Arsenic Album 1m, 1dose X 15 days for her complaints of mind.

I invite everybody to meet the patient and examine her pathological
reports. This is why I have given her address above.

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