Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deafness Cured With Homeopathic Treatment

A Case Record from Dr Ram Lal Gupta
Research Paper Page: 386 Case No. 438

Date: 23.8. 1985

A lady of 35 years had a malarial fever, took sufficient quinine which resulted in deafness of both ears with block nose. She had deafness for last 15 days due to supression of malarial fever.

She was still having chill, rigor and sweat stages in the morning with loss of appetite, bitter taste, earache - worse in the morning and from loud noises, burning heat in body during midnight.

Nux Vom 200 first dose follow up by Gelsemium 30 every four hourly

25.8. 1085 All round relief in the body with morning temperature 99F. Fever was brought out Gels 30 in alternation with Ferr Phos6x, Kali ur6x

On 27.8. 1985 This patient came back and told that she has cured completely.

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