Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vagina Discharge and Treatment

Membrane rupture caused by inflammation of the vagina white vaginal discharge or a liquid. Generally, young women are more under the influence. A very common problem among women with vaginal discharge during ovulation may increase fairly. In addition, women under stress is also very much current can be observed.

Infected needles and gloves used in medical examinations, the other with a sexually transmitted disease, sexual intercourse, depilatory creams, excessive use of female condom, the use of synthetic underwear, frequent vaginal discharge may cause an abortion. Fragrant and sticky fluid from the vagina, back and abdominal pain, weakness, vaginal discharge in the formation of rings around the eye symptoms.

By following a regular eating schedule, making sure to clean undergarments and genital area and staying away from stress can prevent vaginal discharge.

Homeopathy Medication Fro Vagina Discharge:

Leucorrhoea: Puls, Sepia, Mang Phos., Aconite, Merc Sol
Gonorrhoea: Medorrhinum, Cicuta, Merc Cor., Sepia, Aconite.
Syhlilis : Syphillunum, Sulphur., Secale, Cicuta, Thuja
Ithayness: Thuja, Sulphu, Merc. Hepar Sulp.


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