Friday, August 5, 2011

Gangerene Cured A Case Record

Evidence Based Homeopathy

A Testimonial From A Patient

Mr Zuhaidi Hassan Recrd no. 5495

A Brief report By Mr Zuhaidi Hassan

7 August 2006 - I suffered from massive heart attack and was admitted to Intensive Care Unit at private Medical Centre at Kuala Lumpur.

12 August I underwent heart bypass operation - 2 grafts. Due to heart attack, blood clot was formed in the heart. Blood clot travelled to the right leg and broke into smaller pieces. As not enough blood reached the tip of the right foot, the right big toe and the small toes turned black and doctor diagnosed as gangrene.

The worst affected was the right big toe become black, painful,hard producing smelling discharge.

16 December 2007 - The gangrenous right big toe dropped off by itself. The exposed toe was very smelly, produced discharge and very painful.

My private doctor suggest for operation and remove the toe. My blood sugar at that time was 21 mmol. The wound cannot heal and only solution was amputation of the big toe which I refused !

March 2008 - I search for alternative treatment and see Prof Dr Nik Omar , one of homeopathic specialist in Kuala Lumpur for treatment and he gave me some tiny pill for two months

June 2009 - The pain foul smell and discharge are gone. The gangrenous toe was completely dry, no more pain and no more smelly. 3 month later I gangrene was completely cured.

It took 1 year 3 months to heal completely.

"Thanks to the great Prof Dr Nik Omar, I still have my right toe", said Mr Zuhaidi from RHB Bank Kuala Lumpur.

If without homeopathic treatment, I think my toe definitely will be removed completely.

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