Friday, August 19, 2011

Where To Find The Best Homeopathic treatment in Malaysia

Photo: The biggest homeopathic Complex in Malaysia. Dr Nik Omar is a founder of Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia with more than 30 years of services in Homeopathy . Perhaps he is the biggest in Malaysia, " says The Sun Newspaper.

There are many people claims to be homeopath

Many comes from all walk of life to become homeopath, some coming from a postman, a teacher, an engineer , even a local university lecturer also make their way to establish homeopathic clinic, an very easily join the the membership when you know somebody in maljis then you will be allow to join.

But how to find a good homeopath

Kindly consult Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Practitioners Association - MRHP
call hotline 03 4042 2020 or secretary general MRHP 09 7440440 or direct to
Mr President MRHP Malaysia Dr Nik Omar 019 9401915

Just get some info from our Portal

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