Thursday, August 25, 2011

Diabetes Mellitus


Diabetes is confirmed by increased blood sugar level. Clinically if a patient exhibits signs and symptoms of diabetes will not be labelled as diabetic patient until and unless his blood sugar level is not increased.

Maintenance of blood sugar level within a range is an auto regulating system, a unique quality, like other regulating systems of a normal healthy person.
Some disturbance develops in this normal regulating system in case of diabetes that creates a hindrance in the normal process of its metabolism.

See a very funny thing that is being practised in conventional medicine, that is, in case of a Diabetic patient we try to spend our whole skills to control the raised blood sugar level (one of an important sign of Diabetes only) and ignore the other signs and symptoms of Diabetes. Whereas, homeopathy pays its whole attention on all symptoms of diabetes not only on raised blood sugar level.
So we people under integrated medicine mostly allow a patient of Diabetes for no restrictions of diet, even little sugar.

Merits of Classical Homeopathy:

It manages the raised blood sugar level but before that it tries to control its complications. Complications of a diabetic patient (such as CRF) should be manage first, then blood sugar level comes down automatically. A diabetic under care of such treatment never complains for sexual inefficiency.


Maintaining of blood sugar level within normal limits does not mean that diabetes is under control for instance - control of fever by means of medicines in case of septicaemia is not a guaranty for control of the basic disease i.e. septicaemia etc. In the similar way normal blood sugar level in a diabetic patient is not a control sign of diabetes itself.
There is no doubt that raised blood sugar level may damage patient's kidneys but such fear remains with modern system of medicine only because it has no drug for Diabetes itself.
While treating a patient homeopathically it has been found that blood sugar level of a diabetic patient starts regulating itself.

Except homeopathy no other medicine can correct the diabetes itself.
It can be judged easily - a normal healthy person can consume sugar without showing signs of raised blood sugar level, patients taking classical homeopathy also can consume sugar without showing any complications, while most patients, taking other medicines can not utilise sugar.

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Symptoms and signs of Diabetes

1. Frequent trips to the bathroom:
2. Unquenchable Thirst:
3. Losing Weight Without Trying
4. Weakness and Fatigue:
5.Tingling or Numbness in Your Hands, Legs or Feet:

Homeopathic Remedies For Diabetes:

Acid Phos., Diabene, Renocal, Arg Nit., Ars Alb., Sygarium Jamb., Sulphur.

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