Friday, August 26, 2011

Low Sperm Counts

Question by a Patient – Dear doctor, I am married for 6 years and still my wife is not able to conceive. As per the reports after my test, it indicates that I have less sperm count. Will Your Medication HTI P2000 help me increasing my sperm count?

Dr Nik – HTI P2000 is a special homeopathic preparation formulated by Dr Nik Omar for the last 30 years. Itis one of the best herbal or organic remedies from homeopathy , that are extremely helpful in treating your low sperm count condition.

HTI P2000 is highly recommended in azoospermia, low sperm counts, oligo-spermia conditions. So it is advisable to you to take consult Dr Nik [ tel 019 9401915 ] as it will help you increasing your sperm count.


Dear Dr Nik:
" Thanks for your help. I was diagnosed as Low Sperm Count and after consulting you and consuming your medication for 4 months , my wife has conceived " Mr Ahmad, Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Dr Omar,
" After taken the small and sweet pills give to me after seeing you last 3 months. I feel more energatic and my sexual performance is much better than before . I am looking forward for my wife to get pregnant soon " - Dr M from Saudi Arabia.

Dear Sir,

" I was impreessed with my friend who has taken your homeopathic medication for few months and his wife got pregnant. I want your to give me the same medication and I have problems of Olio Spermia. Please help me. ", H A D from UAE

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