Friday, August 19, 2011

Insomania Can be Cured With Homeopathy

Naps, commonly discouraged with insomnia, can be extremely beneficial if they are regularly scheduled events, restricted to a single, brief “power nap” during midday.

The nap period should not exceed 20 minutes, even if actual sleep is not achieved during this time. Naps should be a scheduled part of the daily routine, best taken after lunch or sometime in the early afternoon.

Nap breaks can be extremely refreshing, improving alertness, enhancing job performance, and increasing energy without resetting the circadian rhythm or disrupting the nighttime sleep pattern.

The napping process also provides the nervous system with practice in the art of relaxing. This exercise helps in calming the mind whether or not sleep is actually achieved. Naps can help the body relearn the art of sleeping.

Classical Homeopathic Medicine. Once the hygienic factors are addressed, classical homeopathic medicine (CHM) can be extremely helpful in permanently resolving insomnia. Since CHM does not involve the use of drugs, chemicals, or herbs, it usually doesn’t interfere with or worsen sleep disturbances or lead to rebound or withdrawal symptoms when it is stopped.

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