Friday, April 4, 2008

Award / Trophy Received by Masood Homeopathic Stores & Hospital, Pakistan

Lahore, 31 st March 2008

Here are some of the tophy received by Homeopathic Stores

Quality Policy of Masood Homeopathic Stores & Hospital
The Company committed to manufacture quality products in accordance with specific standard with GMP and strive not only customers satisfaction but also ecxeed expectation by continuosly improving quality management systems

Awards & Achievement by Masood Company

By grace of Allah Almighty, we are listed as ISO 9001, 14001 OHSA 18001 Certified Compnay. Homeopathic Stores and Hospital is the first Homeopathic & Bio-Chemic Medicines manufacturing compnay is South East Asia which has been assesed and registered against Qualtiy Assuranc, Enviromental and Occupational Health and safety Standards by four leading accreditation bodies od World namely TGA/DAR of Germany, UKAS of England, Cofrac of France and PNAC of Pakistan

1989 the compnay received The XVI International Trophy For Quality from Paris, France.
1995 - Received Trophy from Federation of Pakistan Chamber Fr Export Merit.
1996 - received Export Merit from FPCC & Indt.
1997 - Received Export trophy from FDCCI
2002 - Receibed Trophy from FDCCI
2004-2005 Received Trophy from FSCCI

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