Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Case of Wild Chicken Pox

Pasir Mas 10th April 2008

A patient age 1 year 3 months came to our Homeopathic Medical Centre at Pasir Mas on 12 December 2007 with the sign and symptoms of 'Chicken Pox'

This is the first time such case came to us with an eruptive disease, bearing a resembling to samml pox, but different in duration and considerably wild. The symtoms come all of sudden spreading from her elder brother age 4 years. The patient was having very high fever with wild eruption all over the body.
This young baby was snet to hospital where she was warded for 12 days in ICU unit with critical condition.

The hospital says that this chicken pos belongs to 'Wild' where the symtoms attack both the eyes of this baby and causes blind. At this stage, hospital officer says that there is no more treatment for this baby

On 12 Dec 2007 after warded the patient was brought to homeopathic clinic for further treatment. On taking the case I found that "Variolinum 200 one dose daily, for three days " should be given first and after one week to be followed by hydratis 30 bid for one week. The apteint cannot open the eyes properly. Both eyes become blind.

On 10 April 2008 the patient came back, look healthier with still the scars of chicken pos all over the body. It seem that the Wild Chicken Pox which is very rare in Malaysia [perhaps this is the only one I have seen in 30 yaers of my practice]
I am still giving homeopathic medication for her to bulit up her immune system and hopefully she can recover with her blindness.

If Dr Fredrick Samuel Hahnemann, the son of Samuel Hahnemann successfully cured a blind girl since birth with homeopathic medication, why not his girl.
Today I prescribe her 'Thuja 200' one dose every two days for one month.

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