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Research - Native Pakistani Herbs G.S.Cephalendra Indica & Murraya Koeningi On Diabetes Mellitus Type 11

Here are some abstract of Research paper on Diabetes Mellitus Type 11
Local Pakistani Herbal used by Native People of sub Continent - India, Pakistan, Afghanisatn, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal, Iran and Turkey
1000 years with great success

Research have been done by Dr Muhammad Zubair Qureshi, MBBS., M.Phil., MFHom (M'sia), Visiting Professor at Diabetic Clinic Homeopathic Trust Hospital Lahore, Incharge: Research Unit, Pakistan Homeopathic Medical College Lahore., Member: Liga Medicorum Homeopathic Internationalis-LHMI.

Name of Medicine - Diabene
Available in Malaysia at: Prof Dr Nik Omar's Clinc at Kuala Lumur, Bangi, Pasir Mas.
Abstract Paper:

Homeopathic mother tincture of Cehalendra Indica was used in the treatment of diabetes Mellitus. Twenty two patients were selected in the present studies. The medicine was given for 30 days and fasting random blood sugar levels, alongwith fasting insulin levels were estimated on 1st, 10th and 30th days to observe of this herbal.

The first day fasting and random blood sugar values were compared with the fasting and random values of blood sugar on 10th and 30th day of treatment alongwith serum insulin level of first, 10th and 30th day.

In the first group, fasting blood sugar ranged from 140 mg / dl to 200 mg/dl and the pair t-stastic for the fasting blood sugar was not significant.

In the second group, fasting blood sugar range from 271 mg/dl to 361 mg/dl, the pair t-stastics for the fasting blood sugar was significant.
This result showed that the medicines did not have any side effect on serum insulin levels but patients showed a significant decreased in fasting and randokm blood sugar level.

The result obtained in the patients studies clearly demonstarte that homeopathic medicine of the cephalendra indica reduce blood sugar concentration in patients suffering from Diabetes Type 11

This is an abstract paper
. Detail research paper is availabe with Dr Nik Omar bin haji Nik daud at Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Treatemnt of Diabetes patients with Homeopathic Medicine - Diabene' Mother Tincture of Cephalendara Indica indicate marked decreased in blood sugar levels ( fasting and random), however no significant increase in the serum insulin levels was noticed. This study brings us to the conclusion that C.I- Diabene has hypoglycemic effect in the patients suffering from diabetes Type 11.

This homeopathic Medicine does not have any insulinotropic activity, the mode of the action may be due to decrease in glucose abdorption from the large intestine or increase in peripheral utilization of glucose or both - by Dr Muhammad Zubeir Qureshi, Pakistan.

This medicine is availabe at Nik Omar Homeopathic Medical Centre at Kuala Lumpur, Bangi or Pasir Mas. Call us 019-9401915

Diabene -Each Tablet of Cephalendara Indica contain 10 mg

Cep. Indica is a common herbas grown extensively in the sub-continent like pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and Arabian countries. It is slightly bitter in taste and it leaves have excellent medicinal virtues. It has been used as traditional, yunani and ayuvedic medicine for thousand of years in India.

Diabene is used as a single remedy at Dr Nik Omar's clinic and prescribed for diabetic patient for the last 25 years.
This research have een done by Dr Muhammad Zubeir Qureshi as continuation research done earlier by his great grandfather Dr Muhammad Qureshi.

Diabene tablet when taken at the recommended dosage helps in the general maintenance of health of an individual. Diabene tablets gives a feeling of serenity and bulit up the immune system.

Best result 2 - 3 table 3 times daily a fews minutes before meal.

Indication: Homeopathically used for maintenance for general health

Storage: Stores in a cool and adry place at 5 50 10 oC for longer preservation and freshness.

*Keep out of reach of children
* this is a traditional or herbal remedy. There are no poison, no streoid and noside effects. If symptos persist, please consult a doctor.
* Pregnant woman and nursing mother ahloud consult homeopathic doctor before taking this remedy.

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