Sunday, April 27, 2008

Making of Homeopathic Remedies at Belgium

The LMHI Congress 2008 offers you a unique opportunity to join three different practical sessions about the making of homeopathic remedies. Subscribtion is strongly advised, and can be done on Thursday 22nd of May ( 08.30-10.30 am, STIJNEN room at the Congress venue).

or you could subscribe on the web site, marking the materials that you bring to evaluate during each session; e.g. "I will bring a mortar and pestle", etc.

The objective of the practica is the exchange of experiences and practical ideas, and to compare results, for more understanding and evolution of our "exciting discipline".

First session : 22-05, 14-16 pm, Stijnen room: trituration of fresh plants according to Q or °/LM method. You could bring your own mortar, scraper and pestle for active participation; if you need anything, please ask us in advance.

Second session : 23-05, 14-16 pm, Stijnen room: assay of impregnation on granules and globules (spectrophotometry on site), comparing different impregnation methods. You could show and evaluate your own method, with your own materials to bring (petri dish, porcelan cups, consumables, machinery, etc.). Standard test solutions, balances and micropippets are already available.

Third session: 24-05, 08.30-10.30 am, Stijnen room: evaluation of dynamization mechanics with accelerometry and ultraphotography: bring your own equipment and your best succussing arm!

Looking forward to welcoming you during this extraordinary occasion for contirbuting to evidence based remedy making, best regards,

the organising committee.

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