Friday, April 18, 2008

Parkinson and Homeopathy Treatment

Parkinsons Disease
Paralysis Agitans

Homeopathy and Acupuncture are considered as one of the best choice for treating Parkinson Disease.

Some of the recommended homeopathic remedies for parkinson are:-

- Trembling ranks the higest in this remedy, weakness and paralysis, especially of muscles of the head. Staggering gait. Head remedy for tremors. Mind sluggish and muscular system relaxed.

Argentium Nit
- is another homeopathic remedy. It is complimentary to Gelsemium. Memory impaired, easily excited and angered, flatulence and sometime greenish diarrhoea.

Agaricu Mus
- Trembling, itching and jerking. Stiffness of muscles, itching of the skin over the affected part and extreme sensitiveness of the spine

Nect remedy: Cocculus, Mang Phos., Rhus Tox., Ambra Gries., Aurum Met.

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