Friday, April 4, 2008

One Day Seminar by Prof Dr Nik Omar at Gujrat, Pakistan 2008

Gujrat, Pakistan 2nd April 2008

One day Seminar were held at Shah Faisal Homeopathic College & Hospital at Gujrat, Pakistan. The Seminar were held joinly by The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia and The Homeopaths of Gujrat. 60 attended the seminar.
Prof Dr Nik Omar presented two papers:-

First paper:The History of Son of Dr Samuel Hahnemann that is Dr Fredrick Samuel Hahnemann, The Mad and Genius Doctor.

Second paper:The Homeopathy Infertility
The Natural Approach of Getting baby

The Seminar was a great success and all the delegates attended requested Prof Dr Nik Omar to come regularly to Gujrat to guide them in the promotion of homeopathy in Pakistan especially Gujrat Area, where not a sigle seminar were held by a foregners in this area 200 kilometers from Lahaore.

Gujrat is a small city of 2 million population and slightly backward compare with big city of Lahore or Islamabad.
Gujrat ia well known a City of Industry were Electrical good such as freezer, fans, bulb, etc were produce in large number and exported to Arabian countries.

hare are some of the picture taken at Gujrat

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