Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Liga Letter, the official Newsletter of the 'Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis' LHMI

Kuala Lumpur: 27th April 2008

Petikan Dari Majalah ' The Liga' yang dikeluarkan oleh 'International Homeopathic Medical League' dari Romania
Fall 2007

Prime Vice President of LHMI
Dr Ulrich D Fisher (Germany )

Dr Fisher has been participating in the consultation at the WHO concerning the
'WHO Guideline On Quality for Safety of Homeopathic Medicines"
in Milan, June 2007. The WHO intends with these guidelines to harmonize definitions of homeopathic medicines, to set up recommendations for safe degrees of dilutions of homeopathic preparations and to provide guidance to government and non-government organization for the training of homeopathic medicine sproviders. During the meeting the existing draft report has been revised and completed. Recommendations to WHO and Member States has been included.
The WHO Report: " Homeopathic Overview and Analysis of Clinical Research" received and considered by the WHO experts. This report shows in its conclusion that " Homeopathy Has Scientific Credibility" and " Shows Effectiveness of Homeopathic Treatments in certain field of Medicine"
It is expected that this report will be published beginning 2008.

Dr Ulrich D Fisher ( Germany)
Prime Vice President LHMI

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