Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Visit To Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Associaton of Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan 2nd April 2008

While visiting Pakistan, our President MRHP Homeopathy Malaysia has visited the chairman of Homeopathic Doctors, Pharmaceutical & Chemist Association of Pakistan (HPCA) and discuss some activities on Homeopathy.

Dr Saleem Hamid is also one of the National Council of Homeopathy Government of Pakistan.
He told that in year 2004, the HPCA has organised one day seminar to celeberate the 249th Hahnemann Day.

He says " This effort on national level for the advancement and knowledge of Homeopathic System of medicine and Homeopathy Pharmaceutical Standardization and GMP is indeed to commendable step sure to yeild beneficial result.

Dr Samuel Hahmenan developed homeopathy approximately 200 years ago. It is based on the theory of similars and the use of infinatesimal doses. The idea is that a substance that can cause any certain symptoms will also cure those symptoms, when administered in an extremely diluted form.

Homeopathy the medicine for 21st century, offers a method of achieving and maintaning vibrant health, improving one's sense of well being, reaching one's full potential and preventing illness.

I would like to urge all manufacturers of homeopathic products to abide by Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP and provide accurate information on their product packages and inserts, as well as through responsible edvertisements, to their customers. Together we can act to ensure and increasingly holistic and culturally acceptable approach to the health care of our people."

Dr Saleem Hamid, Lahore, Pakistan.

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