Sunday, March 15, 2009

Homeopathy Second Largest System of Medicine

Homeopathy Second Largest System of Medicine in The World

According to World health Organization ( WHO) Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world.

Homeopathy is practiced in 66 countries and the treatment is individualized. In India, there are 185 colleges which offer 33 PG Courses. India has 2.17 lakh registered homeopathic practitioners. In India, Homeopathy has a RS 630 crore market growing at 25 % annually.

Homeopathy treatment has less side effects. In taking the modern allopathic medicines bad effect have been seen in the patients over the world. So, for circulation the homeopathic treatment, the world federation of homeopathy is working for the people to recovery from diseases

From Journal of World Federation of Homeopathy Jan., 2008

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