Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Infertility From India - Reference From Singapore

Subject: Treatment on infertility

Dear Doctor,

I am Mrs JH from India .

I have got your reference from Mr.Vijay Raut Singapore who is your patient of Infertility. You have treated his wife with great success and now they have a child with your treatment.

I am 38 Year old and my wife 36years old. We got married 8 years back in year 2000. Our history of treatment is as follows.

In 2000-natural pregnancy and miscarriage after 5weeks.

In 2002-2005 - 4 to 5 IUI but no result.

In 2006-False Pregnancy of 6 weeks.

In 2006- 3times IUI but No resuls/

In 2007-Laparosopy done, both fallopian tubes normal, both ovaries polyestic, multiple fibroids

In 2007-4 times IUI but No Result.

Semen Analysis done count 96millions, motility 65%

On the basis of above history, I would like to know about your mode of treatment, time duration, and cost of treatment. Also Confirm whether we have to come to your clinic for check up or we can start treatment on the basis of above history or discussion on phone as per your convenient time. If any more details required from our side pl let us know. We are waiting for your reply.

JH India

Dr Nik Rely: Please refer to our webs and get back to me

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Nano said...

Subject: can't get pregnant

Dear Dr ,

I am Mrs Nano.

Iam so glad to found out amazing website like you ,actually the problems is with my friend ,her i will telling her story :

she was married since 5 years ago during that times she has done miscariage twice and the period between them 1 year(when she borted the infant in age was 1 week ) beside she has wanted to did that abortions because there were alot of problem between them after that she got infection from her husband she did the test as Dr said then it was a clamydia she treared totally by antibaiotic and ointment and she was keeping to do papsmear every year for check up then they divorced ...

In 2008 july she got married from very nice guy and she can't get pregnant, her husband did all he test as Dr said every thing is normal beside she did the tests too all thyroid gland test ,urin culture and papsmear all its normal except progesteron hormon it was 4,29 low level after that she has taken CLOMIDE 50 mg but it wasn't work then take it again it wasn't work too then Dr increased the dose to 100mg it wasn't work finally the Dr gave her the last chance on clomide 100 mg addition she did the progesteron hormon again it was 4.77 ,,,now she is waiting her cyicle suppose to be after 4-5 day however her cycle very regular and no problems in ovary and he didn't taken any medicins by the way her age now is 34 years .
-what do think about her case Dr ?
-how about % to get pregnant ?
-if she get her period thes time what the next step ?
-is it possibility that the fallobian tube is block ?and why ?

please Dr help them really they are a very nice coupl beside they didn't have insurance her husband have low sallary...

thank you ery much i appreciated your concern ,Sincerely .Nana