Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bed Wetting Can Be Cured


Another very effective treatment available in homeopathy is for "bedwetting". Note that pissing in bed/diaper during sleeping (especially at night) is normal up to one/two years of age. If it persists after two years you should start general weaning measures. If it is there even after five years you should get expert advice. Because at this stage it is difficult to control otherwise. It arises from a set of reasons including poor muscle control, habit, drinking pattern and to some extend psychological problems. Clinic has certain special techniques to tackle this problem. We give homeopathic medicines along with counseling and some special exercises. In most of the cases relief is obtained within three/four weeks.

Another method to treat bedwetting at our medical centre is by using Acupuncture treatment. It take about 4 to 6 session to stop bed wetting with acupuncture.

Kanak-Kanak Kencing Malam

Baik kanak-kanak atau orang dewasa, rawatan homeopathy atau akupunktur adalah satu pilihan yang bijak untuk mengatasi masalah kanak-kanak kencing malam atau istilah Kelantan ' Kencing T'ikar '
Dengan menjalani hanya 4 hingga 6 sessi rawatan akupunktur malah ini dapat diselesaikan dengan jayanya.

Klinik Akupuntur yang baru di buka pada bulan March 2009 ialah di Shah Alam, Sek U1 Jalan Kerjaya off Jalan Hicom _ Glenamarie, Sek U1/34 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Doktor bertugas Nik Fairuz Hakim bin Nik Omar [ lihat bio-data dalam blok ini ]

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