Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sensation As If.... A body language

Homeopathic Medical Centre at Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia

Dr Herber A Robert, M.D. Chairman of American Foundation For Homeopathy has written a beautiful book on ' Sensation As If , A Repertory Of Subjective Symptoms "

Few interesting note regarding Sensation As If

For Symptoms of Rectum, Anus and Stool.

Last week on 28th February 2009 I met one lady patient who was full of anxiety and panic since she had frequency of bloody stools. She was afraid of having cancer of colon or cancer of stomach.

Based on symptomatology I had given her a very good homeopathic medication which was stop her bloody stool with two days of taking homeopathic pills of Aloe soc 30 c tid.

Just to remind others, be careful if you have any peculiar symptoms of bloody stool, acrid in anus, burning in anus, bubbles stool, as if something moving alive in anus, ball in rectum, pus in stool, bruised in anus, diarrhoea with bloody stool, creeping in anus, smelly discharge, constipated anus, cracked in anus, haemorrhoid, insert were crawling, lump in rectum, no desire to pass stool, prolapse of rectum, fistula, etc.

All those symptoms are responded with good result by homeopathic medication.

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