Sunday, March 15, 2009

MD Homeopathy - A Thesis Of Dr Nishant

MDHomeopathy Thesis of Dr Nishant

This is year 2009 few students has qualified for a 6 years course in MDHom from Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia.

Dr Nishant Babusenan is one of our student who has qualified by presentation a desertion in partial fulfillment of the requirement for M.D.Hom at our institute.

In his 208 pages thesis he has chosen his specialization in

“ Dermatological Disorder I Its Homeopathic Management “

In Which the content consist of

• Understanding the skin
• Aims & Objective of the present Study
• Materials & methology
• Quick Review of dermatology
• Dermatology & Homeopathy
• Homeopathic Therapeutic
• Case Taking & Analysis
• Management
• Follow Up – Observation & Analysis
• Statistical Data Analysis
• Discussion
• Bibliography
• Appendix 1 Cases & Appendix 11 – List of dermatological Disorder

Dr Nishant who is a qualified BHMS in year 2005 has a good experience in Dermatological Disorder with its Homeopathic management has done this thesis based on:-
• Patients shall be selected on the basis of inclusion / exclusions criteria history & clinical findings and detailed case history
• Patients shall be reviewed every seven of fourteen days or even frequently depending on the necessity
• Management will be done on the basis of Homeopathic principles
• All the cases shall be selected from his personal Nishant Homeopathic Clinic
• The 30 cases were taken of different ages of both sexes
• The material for this study comprises of vast amount of literature of dermatological disorder from books, news letter, magazines, journals and internet, patients with very few complaints ( one of two prominent symptoms obscuring almost all the other symptoms ) registered for treatment in his clinic.
• Method of collection of data by visiting library, British Library, discussions with guide, successful and senior physicians and colleagues, attending seminars and surfing internet

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