Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hospital During Golden Age of Islam

Medical care a thousand years ago was free for all and the treatments were highly sophisticated. The hospital of medieval Islam were hospitals in the modern sense of the word. In them was the best available medical knowledge, dispensed for free to all who came.

The facilities they used were custom designed and the surgical instruments were outstanding. Forceps are just one of the instruments still used today, designed by Muslim surgeon over a thousand years ago. Cutting edge treatments, like cataract operation, regular vaccination, internal stitching and bone setting, were also part of standard practice, as was a rigorous medical education in a teaching hospital.

Islamic hospital began in 8th century Baghdad and in some ways these resembled xenodocheions as they are also look after lepers, the invalid and the destitute.
But the first organised 'proper' hospital was in Cairo built between 872 and 874 CE.
The Ahmad ibn Tulun Hospital treated and gave medicine to all patients free of charge.

Other hospital included a larger Baghdad Hospital built in 982 with a staff of twenty four physicians....

Abdr Rahman 111 ( 891 - 961 ), the Caliph ( the King) of cardova, Spain ( 912 - 961 ) a man of wisdom and patron of arts, founder of Madinat al Zahra ( a city of ruins) on the outskirt of cardova.

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