Monday, March 30, 2009

Acne & Homeopathic Treatment

A Testimonial From Mr Jospeh P

Mr Joseph P — 25, Machng, Kelantan: I've had acne for 6 years. I've spent thousands of ringgit for last 5 years on products, medications, and treatments. I've taken all the wonders drugs for acne or pimples, antibiotics, prescriptions, department store, drug store, professional, organic, all natural, every skincare line on the Internet, vitamins, supplements, facials and peels. Like most people, and as a student, I'm too busy, do not get enough sleep and experience some level of stress every day. I eat both good and bad foods, and my skin looks incredible! I've been taking your homeopathic prescription for about five months and can only explain it as a miracle. I know how this sounds, but my life is truly changed. I believe in your prescription. Along with clear skin, I would like to thanks for your kind and very helpful to solve my problems.
I have recommended the same to my friend to see you for acne, pimple or some says it as 'resdung'
Thank you

Mr Joseph P

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