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Study At The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia

Syllabus and Curriculum
The Faculty of Homeopathy Malaysia
1979 - 2010

Homeopathic Modern Approach

The training courses provide you clinic based homeopathic training. Your training will include the clinical exposure for about 3-5 hours daily, whereby you observer number of cases daily, acute as well as chronic, difficult as well as routine, which you will be trained to work out yourselves. Highly planned training will certainly allow you to appreciate the logic of classical homeopathy, step by step. The practical aspects of classical prescribing will be tackled in separate discussions daily.

The courses offered are:

The case-taking, case-analysis, evaluation, the approach, construction of the prescribing totality, the repertorisation, remedy selection, posology, the repetition, second and the subsequent prescriptions, etc. will be taught in a practical manner adequately with profound clarity.

The clinic will be the main classroom, and the patients will be the principal instrument of learning. Minimum of 6 hours of intense training plus two hours of self-study as directed by the supervisor, will amount to a real transformation within three weeks.

Homeopathy Research

Definition of Research as Healthy living and Homeopathy Research as a systematic investigation designed to answer a specific question or sets of questions with the aim of the invention and Generation of Ideas, where these lead to new and substantially improved insights, and the use of existing knowledge in homeopathic experimental development to produce new , or substantially improved outputs.

Specifically with in the homeopathic and Alternative medical system or natural health care system of medical. This investigation should be aimed at assisting in the process of evidence-based regulatory policy making.

Investigations of the kind of with clinical experiment involve the systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of data either directly or indirectly of information with the specific purpose of homeopathic medical measurement technology phenomena.

The objective of the homeopathic medical research should be to inform Development, Implementation and Evaluation of the policy. The collection of data may be undertaken using a variety of recognised homeopathic research of Methodologies, both Qualitative and Quantitative, these may include, surveys, and questionnaires focus groups, interviews, case studies, homeopathic clinical case taking of patients, statically analysis and modelling direct observations descriptive methods, standardised tests, economic analysis action of research.

Courses structure

A new way of medical treatment where are doctor unsuccessful and patients fail to give the complete symptoms and continue live in suffering specially in Homeopathy, EAV system provide screening, measurement, bio-resonance diagnosed medicine and therapies by points where then research by practitioners.
Homeopathic Courses Content
Basic system and phases
Chronic diseases
Skin conductor, frequency and defining factors
The acupuncture points and photographs
Voll's AP system and CMP/SMP
Indicator deflection and indicator drop
Measured values and pathological coordination
Focus, brief definition
Nosodes as diagnostics and therapeutics
Drug test (Allopathic, Homeopathic etc) combi 2
The mesenchyme reactivation process
Practical of the EAV system
Diagnosis/Therapy of acute/ chronic infections (bacteria abecteial or viral)
Infection disease in the children
Prioritising measurement of specific points (efficiency)
Head foci and differentiation
Allergies and incompatibilities
Dental material and testing (i.e dequsa)
Temporomandibular joints and control circuit
Therapies systems of the EAV

Who will be benefited by attending these courses ?

Any sincere homeopath or a senior student who desires to enrich knowledge of homeopathic prescribing and who wants to learn further to sharpen the healing skills. Any sincere practitioner or a student who has studied homeopathy well but finds problems at various levels, will be benefited by this course.

Eligibility for participation

You need to have undergone a basic training in homeopathy from any good school. You may be a practitioner of a senior student. It is important that you are sincere, earnest and devoted to learning and mastering the scientific art of homeopathy.

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