Friday, January 9, 2009

Allergies Can Be Treated With Homeopathy Successfully

What are Allergies?

Allergy is a reaction of the body’s immune system to a particular substance that is usually harmless otherwise. The substance to which the body might react varies from person to person and the reaction is also not necessarily similar in everyone. Everyone does not have allergies but the persons who have them may be sensitive to one or more items. There are two main types of allergies: seasonal and perennial. Seasonal allergies occur in a specific season while perennial allergies persist round the year. The exact cause of allergies is not known. Since everyone has different body chemistry, bodies of all the persons living in the same atmosphere react differently to a substance like one person in the house might be allergic to dust while the others might not be. One opinion is that the tendency to be allergic could be inherited but is not true in all cases of allergy.

Commonly found allergies are:

Cigarette Smoke Allergy
Cigarette smoke contains several irritating and toxic chemicals that might affect an individual more than the others and produce certain symptoms like nasal congestion or running nose, burning or watering of eyes, throat irritation, cough, and dysnea (shortness of breath). If the person is also asthmatic, dysnea might be much worse than others.

Cockroach Allergy
Cockroaches are one of the most commonly found domestic pest and is found even in the cleanest places. They mostly reside in the sewers and come out frequently and roam around on cooking utensils and uncovered foodstuff. Their excretions stick to the utensils and produce problems in allergic persons if used unwashed. While cockroaches can cause allergy, there is an excellent homeopathic medicine for asthma (of certain types) by the name "Blatta Orientalis" prepared from Indian cockroach. Medicine from American cockroach called "Blatta Americana" has also been prepared but is much less effective than Blatta Orientalis. Whole cockroach is used to prepare the medicine.

Dust Mite Allergy
It is caused by the microscopic organism that lives in the dust and is found where there is dust.

Food Allergy
Many people are sensitive to certain items of food like eggs, almonds, fish, wheat, milk and several other items. Problems caused by various food items may not necessarily be allergy. It could be simple intolerance. Allergic symptoms belong to nose, throat, eyes, respiratory tract, skin and digestive system.

Grass Pollen Allergy
This type is extremely difficult to prevent because going close to grass is not easy to avoid.

Hay Fever
It is also known as pollen allergy and is usually seasonal. The symptoms may be running nose, sneezing and sore throat.

House Dust Allergy
House dust can include the dust itself, food particles, stuff that enters the house with shoes, flakes of human skin as well as of animal skin if you have pets, hair, fibers of various types including those of the carpets and much more. This type of allergy is found mostly among the housewives who feel it much while dusting the house. Preventive measures include the use of mask while dusting and moist cloth for dusting. You might consider removing the carpets and having bare floors to minimize the presence of house dust.

Metal Allergy
A person can be sensitive to touch of various metals and may develop skin rash where the metal remains in contact for some time. This includes the allergy to artificial jewelry.
A person can be sensitive to different odors including but not limited to odor of food, flowers and perfumes. Allergy to odor of food can be quickly cured by homeopathic medicines.

Pet Allergy
Some people are sensitive to natural body odor of various pets.

Pollen Allergy
This type includes allergy to various types of pollen and trees. This is usually seasonal. The symptoms include running nose, sore throat, dyspnea and irritation of skin.
Most allergies can be treated by medication or avoiding contact with the relevant substance. Homeopathic medicines can also cure various types of allergy.

Some homeopathic remedies recommended ( must be given by prescription)
Aconite Nap., Nux Vom., Silicea, Urtica Uren., Hepar Sulph., Sulp., Graphite., Nat Sulph, Phos., Petro., Nat Mur.

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