Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hepatitis Can Be Cured Through Homeopathy

Hepatitis Can Be Cured With Homeopathic Treatment

As we all know, there is no medicine for hepatitis in Western Medicine ?

Do you know that homeopathic system of medication has more than 100 remedies for jaundice and hepatitis ?

Do you know that hepatitis can be cured through homeopathy ?

Here we are listing some of the remedies:-

There are few common Homoepathic remedies which are very effective in treating liver problems especially hepatitis.
The list of remedies commonly used ;
. Aconite Napellus is good at the beginning stage, especially for newly born babies suffering from jaundice.
Chelidonium - yellow faces and stitching pain in liver.
China Off- is normally prescribed for constipation,pale or yellow urine.
Merc. Sol - it is good for yellowish skin ,brownish urine, hoarse voices.
Phosphorus - best severe pain in the liver on lying on right side and also for cirrhosis.
Crotalus Horeidus-It is meant for chronic jaundice.
and many more homoepathic remedies which are very effective in treating hepatitis either A,B or C.

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