Sunday, January 11, 2009

Infertility Success With Homeopathy

Today Case
Dr Nik Omar Homeopathic Medical Centre
No.1-1, jalan 9/9C Pusat bandar Baru, Bangi, Selangor,

Infertilty: 5 Years Married , Managed To Get Two Children

Bangi :11 January 2009

This morning: 10.00 am sharp, a coule came to my clinic at Bangi, and request me to give special medication to get the 3rd 'child'. Both of them showed me two boys they got earlier, when they first consulted us for for infertility treatment for the last 15 years ago.

Mr Ahamad and Mrs Aminah were married five year without any children, they have taken various treatment but failed to conceive. They came to my Kuala Lumpur HQ clinic and after 3 months of consultation and medication, the wife was pregnant and they got one boy.

Three year later they came back to take the same treatment and after two months of homeopathic medication, she again conveived and got another boy.

Suprising this morning, the same couple came back to me 'TO HAVE ANOTHER CHILD ' perhaps this time, they wish to have 'a girl'

It was much astonished and suprised to meet this couple again after 10 years, they came back to me, to get another baby, and I am ready , perparing the good homeopathic medication based on Similar Similibus Curentur to give them another baby by next year

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Maanya sri said...

Success rates of Infertility treatment in Homeopathy is more with out any side effects, we will get the results.