Sunday, January 11, 2009

Diseases Responded With Homeopathic Treatment

Mind, Barin & Nervous System
( Masalah Fikiran, Tekanan Jiea/ Sakit Jiwa / Sakit Urat Saraf)

Absent-Minded / Forgetfulness, Abusiveness / Anger / Achololism, Annonyance, Violent anger, Fear of Death, Fear in Street, Fear of Darkness, Fear of Ghost, Delusion, Confusion, Cerebro Spinal Meningitis, Deceiving, Hysteria, Coma, Lack of Concentration, Forgetfullness, Confusion, Contradiction, Convulsion, Desire of Death, Fear of, Longing for, Deceiving, Delirium, hallucination, Illusion, See animals, vision of animals, dogs, ghost, etc., Demetia Precox, Loss of Intellect, Loss of Memory, Depression, Desire, Craving to eats, Destructive, Slow Development in Children, Autism, Epilepsy, Fits, Fainting, Fear of Death, Fear Dead, Forgetfullness, Mistakes, Guilty Conscience, Home Sickness, Hyrophobia, Idiocy, Insanity, Paralysis, Numbness of fingers, limbs, etc, Nervousness

Those Diseases mention can be treated with homeopathic Medication according to Law of Similar.

Penyakit yang disenaraikan diatas sesuai digunakan ubat-ubat homeopati pilihan sperti dibawah ini.

Such as: Ignatia, Nux Vom., Silicea., Acon., Bryonia, Rhgus Tox., Conium, Thuja, Sulphur, sepia, Puls, Graph., Hyos., Coffea, Alumina, Cham.
{ NB Must be prescribie by Qualified Homeopathic Physician}

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