Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kidney Problems & Homeopathic Treatment

Which type of kidney patients should take Homeopathic treatment?

1. Healthy persons who have strong family history of renal failure should take classical homeopathic treatment to avoid the risk of renal failure.

2. Diabetic patients who are suffering from Hypertension also must take homeopathic treatment.

3. Persons who are having symptoms of early renal failure of unknown etiology.

4. Patients suffering from recurrent renal stone formation or having stone lodged somewhere in the ureter.

5. Kidney patients of any stage should start homeopathic treatment earliest possible for avoiding passing into the complete renal damage.

6. Patients who are taking some urine forming medicines such as Lasix, Dytor etc. should start homeopathic treatment otherwise their kidneys will have to suffer badly.

7. Patients who are on dialysis can get rid off the frequent dialysis by taking classical homeopathic treatment.

8. Patients who are waiting for renal transplantation should start homeopathic treatment which can stop the urgent need of kidney donor.

It’s mean to say that nothing is too late for classical homeopathic treatment; every patient should start it as soon as they come to know about benefits of homeopathy.

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