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Chikungunya and Homeopathic Treatment

Chikungunya outbreaks in Indonesia

Chikungunya Strike Karimun
on Wednesday, October 08 2008

KARIMUN (BP) — Sedikitnya 10 villagers Pangke, Kecamatan Meral, of Karimun were in a last week attacked by the illness chikungu him. ”Penyakit that began to spread since the last one weeks, in the Meral Subdistrict at this time had data collected on it two villages that already terjangkit the illness, first in the Pangke Village totalling 10 people and in the Sidorejo Village totalling 7 orang,” said the Head of the Meral Community Health Centre, Rusdi Hendra, in the Meral Community Health Centre, yesterday. Rusdi expected the sufferer's family that was attacked by the illness, to have to not panic because of the cause virus chikungu him that will be lost automatically in several days. ”Masa his incubation around two to four days, his cause the virus alphavirus that was spread through the mosquitoes bite from the Aedes Aegypti species.

Although being caused by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes but being not as serious as DBD (dengue fever dengue fever), this illness will be lost with sendirinya,” he explained.

He explained about 17 residents that suffered chikungu him, at this time was undergoing the recuperation stage. Asked by the characteristics about this illness, he explained initially the sufferer experienced the high fever afterwards was followed with the feeling of being sick to the muscle and the foundation, as well as happening the enlargement of the lymph gland. It was not rare that the sign of the foundation and the muscle of pain were very dominant and until caused temporary paralysis.

Moreover, he said although this illness was not so dangerous, the Community Health Centre side continued to take the step in anticipation by carrying out spraying and abatenisasi in the two villages.

I be hit by as a family, initially my wife who was attacked by the illness in the second Ramadan week, afterwards my child and finally saya,” he said. (ant)


At least 10 residents Pangke Village, Kecamatan Meral, Karimun were
attacked by chikungunya disease [virus]. "The illness began to
spread, since a week ago, in the Meral Subdistrict. The data
collected indicate that [people in] 2 villages have already been
infected with the illness [virus], 1st in the Pangke Village
totalling 10 people and in the Sidorejo Village totalling 7 people,"
said the Head of the Meral Community Health Centre, Rusdi Hendra, in
the Meral Community Health Centre, yesterday [7 Oct 2008].

Rusdi expected the [families of those persons who are ill], to not
panic because the virus that causes chikungunya will disappear by
itself in several days. "The incubation period is approximately 2-4
days. The virus that causes the spread [of disease] is an alphavirus
transmitted by mosquito bites of the _Aedes aegypti_ species.

He explained that the 17 residents who are suffering chikungunya
[disease] are currently recuperating. Asked about the characteristics
of the disease, he explained, the patient initially experienced high
fever, followed by pain in muscles and joints, and lymph gland
enlargement. Not infrequently, the symptoms of pain in the joints and
muscles are very dominant and sufficient to cause temporary paralysis
[probably inability or unwillingness to move because of the pain. - Mod.TY].

In addition, he said although the disease is not so dangerous [as
dengue], health authorities still are taking steps in anticipation
and are spraying and [treating water catchments with] abate in 2 of
the villages.

Chikungunya and Homeopathic Trteatment.

Today 10 January 2009 I have received about 5 cases of Chikungunya in my Kg Baru clinic. It was suprised that in a day time, I received such a large number of cases. On taking the cvase I was understood that almost all the patient has been to General Hospital for the traetemnt, but still, after few weeks of treatment, the symptoms of chinkungu ia there with general weakness , pain all over the joints, very weak, feversish satet and some with loss of memory, anxiery and panic disorder
The symptom seem to be similar like Euportarium Perf and China Off.

Earlier, I have given those remedies and reponded with good result.
So if you have face such problem, please remember to prescribe Euport Perf, China or Calc Carbonica.

On investigation, the patient said that this disease was widely spread at Ulu Langat Distraict off Batu 18 Ulu Langat, Selangor. Many people around that area suffered from this disease.- walhaualam.

Rawatan Homeopathy untuk Chikungnya

Thank you Prof Dr Nik Omar

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