Friday, January 9, 2009

First Aid In Homeopathy

First Aid In Homeopathy
Name of Disease | Name of Homeo Remedies

Abdominal Pain- Mang. Phos., Bitter Cucumber, Colonth
Anal Itching - Verbascum, Cina, Sulp
asthma - cuprum Met. Blatta O., Yerba Santa
Chicken Pox - Kali Mur, Puls., Puls, Variol
Common Cold - Allium Cepa, Aconite., Drosera
Conjunctivitis - Bell., Apis, Euprasia, Cham
Cough- Cuprum Met., Ant Tart., Phos, Calc carb
Cramp of Leg - Cup Met., Strych, Nat Sulp
Dandruff - Kali Sulph., Ars Alb, Graph
Diarrhoea - Pulsatilla, Ars.Alb., Aloe, Podo.
Earache - Bell., Cham., ferr Pic, Acon
Fever - Aconite Nap., Belladonna, Arnica, Gels
Gas In Tummy - Senna, Carbo Veg, Nux Vom
Headache - Aconite, Belldonna, Chamomilla.
Hoccough - Aconite., Nux Vom, Cinnamonum
Horseness of Voice - Aconite, Solanum Xanth.
Impotence - Nux Vom. Lyco, Turnera, Ac P
Insect Bites - Apis, Bell, Ledum
Lice - stavesacre, Rose Laurel
Measles - Morbilinum, Puls. acon.
Menses - delayed - Sheherp, Sepia
Menses - painful - cham., Bell., Puls.
Menses Scanty - High Cranberry, Sepia
menses profuse - Ficus Relgiosa, Sepia
Piles - Collisonia, Nux Vom
Piles Bleeding - Hamemalis, Acon.
Piles Painful - Negundian, collosonia
Pregenancy & Vomiting - Lac Vac, Symafargus Race
Premature Ejuculation- Acid Phos., seln. Acon
renal Colic - bebberis Vulg., Lyco.
Rheumatism - China Off., Colchicum
Running Nose - Aconite, Solanum Lyco, Allimum Cepa
Sneezing- Gelsemium, Dulcamara, Drosera
Stye - Stram., Puls.
Ulcer Mouth - Acid Nit., Borax

All homeopathic medicines must be taken with supervision of a qualified homeopathic practitioners. No self prescription are allowed !!
Must be accroding to Law of Similars - Similar Similibus Curentur.

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